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Reflexology to the rescue – A list of points to get rid of seasonal allergies

With the advent of flu season comes the dreaded affliction of seasonal allergies.

Learn the Importance of Five Elements Theory in Acupressure – Dao, Yin Yang

n China, people gave more importance to nature and made it an intrinsic part of their lives, and it has been a part of everything from art to medicine to the nitty-gritty of daily life.


Acupressure 'good for back pain'

Acupressure is more effective in reducing lower back pain than standard physical therapies, a study suggests.

Researchers in Taiwan found the effects of the therapy which involves applying pressure on points stimulated by acupuncture lasted for six months.

They gave 129 patients six doses of either acupressure or physical therapy over a month and compared the results.

The study in the BMJ Online also found those who had acupressure had improved body function and were less disabled.


Acupoint stimulation shows promise for heartburn

Mon Sep 12, 2005

By Amy Norton

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - A no-needle version of acupuncture could offer a new way to battle chronic heartburn, if preliminary research pans out.

The study, involving heartburn-free volunteers, found that electrical stimulation of an acupuncture point on the wrist reduced the number of "relaxations" in the band of muscle surrounding the passage from the esophagus to the stomach.