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The food industry and government policies making Americans fat

The Real Food Channel, August 2012

The food industry and government policies making Americans fat

The story of American agriculture is one of "unintended consequences."

The food industry and agricultural subsidies have led us down a path of obesity.

Mammograms Have 'Limited or No Effect' on Breast Cancer Deaths: Study

With only a few weeks to go before the annual October rush promoting mammograms begins, a new study published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute is raising some doubts on mammography's purported merits.

The Right to Record

The Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department took an important stand last week, declaring that citizens have a First Amendment right to videotape the actions of police officers in public places and that seizure or destruction of such recordings violates constitutional rights.

Obama Signs 'NDAA' Bill Allowing Arrests w/ no Warrants or Judges! Hello USSA!

Writes one columnist: "The National Defense Authorization Act will make it official. It will confer upon the executive branch and the military (increasingly, the same things) the permanent authority to snatch and grab any person, U.S. citizens included, whom it decrees to be a "terrorist" -- as defined or not by the executive or the military - and imprison them, indefinitely, without formal charge, presentation of evidence or judicial proceeding of any kind. These "detainees" will have neither civilian rights in the civil court system, nor -- crucially -- even the minimal rights to due process and decent treatment conferred upon prisoners of war.

There's 192 Countries That Exist In The World & We Give Foreign Aid To Over 150 Of Them!" Rep Poe

Why aren't the American people told all these details by Congress? Congress is a shame. They all need to be replaced with decent, honest people.