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Natural Solutions Radio with Professor Eliezer Ben-Joseph Naturopath 08/18/18 First Hour

Saturday, Aug 18, 2018
Professor Eliezer Ben-Joseph is a board certified Traditional Naturopath. He is a master herbologist, iridologist and certified Rayid Master (psychological assessment of the iris of the eye), and was a head instructor at the Polarity Therapy Institute. Professor Ben-Joseph is also a certified personal trainer, a holistic health instructor, and has taught diet, nutrition, therapeutic bodywork and personal develpment for over 25 years. Every Saturday from 10am - 12pm we explore the latest in natural health therapies, remedies and nutrition. Listeners can call and speak to the Professor directly at 646-478-5814. You can also visit his vast reservoir of natural heatlh information with over 40,000 articles and related topics at Call the brick and mortar store Health Naturally at (915) 833-0222 or visit the store website to see the Saturday Specials at