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The Cycle of Emotions

It is Sunday night and I finally have the time to address my point of view on

the entire understanding of anger as well as all negative emotions.  Hope this helps to put the negative emotions in a different light, the light of pure energy. 

Anger can be a double-edged power source as it is one of the most high octane of all emotions, for great actions or for igniting a legitimate grievance. Yet, when it's bottled up we can smolder away and when we erupt it may engulf us. When we are the target of a volatile temper there will be scars. 

We tend to emote automatically in response to an inside or outside event. Sometimes we respond in ways which, when we have calmed down, we regret. We get angry, we get upset, we give up, when logically, we wish we had expressed a different emotion. Similarly we get excited and enthusiastic about things, which had we been able to follow our reason, we would not have pursued with such passion. We feel we cannot control or direct our emotions. We are at the mercy of outside or unconscious forces. The goal here is to be free to express ones emotions as appropriate. 

There is a cycle to all emotions that I believe all humans experience.  We relate to them either through our thought process, (how we think), through our emotions directly, or through our physical bodies.  All three processes are different and separate.  How we think about things, or how we process information on an intellectual basis, is very different than how we feel about things on an emotional level, or what we feel physically from our bodies relating to the physical world around us.   

The emotional body I believe is the most misunderstood.  So many of us on a spiritual path attempt to circumvent our experience on an emotional level.  They do this by thinking that they can get rid of something that is not on a physical level at all.  I am aware that we experience our emotions physically through our bodies therefore they (the emotions) must express the same laws of physics that our physical bodies express.  These laws are expressed in the form of elements. 

The emotions come under the water principal (constriction) expressed through the body.  The elements come under this principle and there is a cycle to the elements. From the higher frequency element of ether to the lowest frequency element of earth there is a cycle and in that cycle the higher frequency is ruler over the lower frequencies.  This means, even though water can be in the form of ice, water or steam, the ice will always melt when put in a pan of water.  The lower frequency does effect the higher, as the water will get colder. Above the elements, the thinking reasoning body comes under the fire principal (expansion) expressed through the mind.  When the mind and body are in a state of balance then the air principal (neutral) is expressed through our deepest truths as we understand them. 

The highest emotion is grief, the element of ether, expressed through the throat (that lump in the throat that always occurs with grief).  All forms of grief are some type of loss.  Someone that you loved and died, the keys to your car, your pet dog, or some philosophy or ideology that you believed in and found out is now not right for you.  All loss produces a vacuum that the laws of physics says must draw something to it, to fill the vacuum.  Therefore grief can either move upwards to the third eye point, in the forehead, where we can think about the loss and realize that we are still a complete human even with this vacuum, or we move downward and start the cycle of the elements. 

Moving downward  when the grief is suppressed we move to the chest area, the element of air, the seat of desire, and we create something tangible to fill that void.  When the desire finally up-wells from within and we know intellectually what it is (that boom box we can't live without) there will come a unique sigh from the chest, that always occurs.  Have you ever been window shopping and seen something that you wanted, do you remember the sigh? 

Once we know what that desire is, we drop to the next center the solar plexus, the element of fire, the seat of pain, frustration, and anger. Here, one of two things happens, we either get it or we don't.  We feel pain about not having it (that boom box to make me complete) causing us to experience frustration (very uncomfortable) about not having it, so we block the frustration producing anger, about not having it (severe constriction).  Anger is always a secondary emotion directed outward, where the primary emotion was pain about not having it.  The anger either causes the fire of heartburn and digestive problems or to the extreme, the fiery pain of a heart attack, and we die by burning our own heart.  When the fire of anger intensifies, we either burn or drop to the next center. 

The next center is the generative organs, the element of water, the seat of attachments. The water now mixes with fire to produce steam that can do work. Using this steam will produce energy and we go out and work for it, or steal it.  Either way we must get it to feel complete.  Once we have the thing of our desire (always something external) we now become attached to the very thing of our desire.  Many people confuse attachments with love, the difference is love has no attachments.  When a mate might say, if you love me than you would do... what they really mean is, if you want to stay attached to me, you better do... 

As the intensity of our attachment grows (remember the boom box) we finally drop to the lowest center, the colon, the element of earth, the seat of fear.  We now become afraid of losing our attachment so we start building walls to protect it.  Locks on our doors and an alarm so I would know whenever someone tried to take the object of my desire (the boom box) away.  When overwhelmed with fear the bowels will release or produce some action on our part for protection.  

This then was the downward spiral of the cycle of emotions.  As we learn about ourselves through all the various techniques of personal growth we then start the upward spiral of the emotional cycle.  

Whatever it is that helps us to learn about ourselves at some point we realize that we are a complete person even without the object of our desire (the boom box).  At this point we are moving upward and our fear about not having the boom box is diminished and we move out of the earth element and up to the water element. 

At the water element our growth continues and we realize that our attachment to our object is also diminished and we can live without this item, allowing the continued upward movement.  

Moving upward to the fire element, our anger and frustration is diminished and even the pain of maybe not having this object falls away. See we are learning, I feel better, there is no pain. 

Continuing the upward movement next is the air element and the desire for this object is now diminished.  Our growth is almost complete so I move upward again. 

Now at the ether element and the emotion of grief, low and behold it is gone.  I don't need this boom box, I think I am complete.  Yet wait, I now experience that emptiness again and that loss again.  Well, if it is not a boom box that I need than what is it?  I don't know, so, the downward spiral starts all over again with another external desire and the cycle is never-ending. One desire after the next always looking outside for something that will fill me up and help me to feel complete. 

Some, and I do mean only a few, move upward through their grief and to that third eye focus, where the seat of the mind is, and we can use our intellect to move out of this emotional cycle.  Nothing external can ever fill that void that we may often feel, only the understanding that we are part of the vastness of the universe and something greater, and on an energetic level we might sometimes experience that oneness.  

All emotions both negative and positive are either stepping stones or stumbling blocks and not something you can ever get rid of.  They produce the energy of pressure needed to produce the movement our growth on a daily basis.  

Each day ask yourself, "What can I accomplish today?"  And at the end of each day ask, "What have I accomplished today?"  One never stays the same in life; you either go forward or backward, inward or outward, upward or downward.  Accomplishing something each days keeps you growing and moving forward! 

Failure is closer to success than doing nothing.

Sir Eliezer Ben-Joseph
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