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The Battle for God in Science

By Dr Eliezer Ben-Joseph

This is such a lengthy comment on my blog “The Humbug Of Science“, I decided to post it here as a guest blog. My friend Dr Eliezer has given permission: please comment on HIS comment!

Doc, you always astound me with the information you present and the questions that you bring up.  This ‘The Humbug of Science’ especially on the study of cosmology truly hits home.  I have been working on a lecture on Cosmology leading to ‘the Battle for God in Science’.  I present here a few thoughts about cosmology that I think you might agree with, and I will certainly love to hear your comments.

There is a great misunderstanding and ignorance about the universe and how we fit in to this great cosmos.  The only cure for ignorance is knowledge, and knowledge takes effort.   Once you have knowledge what do you do with it?  “Self knowledge without self change is self abuse”.

There are two roads, two schools of thought in science before us, and we have a choice of which direction we choose, for it will affect all our lives in many ways.  Science has departed from the traditional aspects of empirical studies produced by an experiment or observation.  This is no more evident than in present studies in Cosmology.  We have the study of cosmology that has been high jacked by mathematicians.

Despite the warnings of physicists that are working with plasma and cosmology scientists, who base their knowledge on empirical, objective, observable, predictable, duplicable-in-the-lab knowledge, science has now been taken over by theoretical mathematicians. It is they who now dominate the entire field of cosmology with their abstract, exotic, hypothetical mathematical models that fail to be proven in any lab!

This mathematical path has led them to conceive of a universe that is devoid of God.  It is only math and laws of mathematics, and how those numbers are being manipulated!  It would be suicidal for any scientists to breach the subject and discuss God and how all those laws came to be in the first place.  It had to be the laws that were created first and put in place before anything else was created for anything to work or manifest.

There are 4 basic principles that most conventional scientists all embrace and the entire foundation of science and cosmology rests on:

  1. Gravity Rules the Universe;
  2. Space is a Vacuum; there is no aether;
  3. Nothing travels faster than the Speed of Light;
  4. Hubble’s’ Constant, regarding the expansion of the Universe. These principles are the bedrock that present science relies on, and is the entire basis of physics today.

To this date, the hypothetical mathematical models of the Big Bang, and the expanding universe of dark matter, and dark energy, and black holes, all remain mysterious, completely undetected and unproven. These 4 principles are the entire basis of the physics of cosmology, as taught today, and they are wrong.

According to Steven Hawking in his new book ‘The Grand Design’, building on theories from Einstein and all of the other orthodox theoretical mathematical physicists, states that the universe is ruled by gravity, and that all of space is an empty vacuum with no attributes, and all bodies that exist floating in this space vacuum are neutral in charge.  His end conclusion leads him to a concept that ‘because there is such a law as gravity, the universe can and will create itself from nothing’.

It leads him to the final statement; ‘You don’t need God for the creation of the Universe’.  The entire universe created, from out of nothing, this makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?  He takes this concept and expands it to encompass all that students are taught today in the sciences. He also does it in such a way, that to disagree is paramount to academic suicide.

The proper foundation is electromagnetism, electrified plasma and the aether with all its laws created and put in place in the beginning.  By just how and by what, we call God!  I maintain that the universe is the very signature of God.

Atheism. The belief that there was nothing, and nothing happened to nothing.  Then nothing magically exploded, for no reason, creating everything.  Then a bunch of everything magically rearranged itself, for no reason whatsoever, into self-replicating bits that then turned into dinosaurs, continuing to replicate and here we are.  Makes perfect sense doesn’t it?

We have the question; of the two schools of thought in science which do we choose?  In which direction shall we go, theoretical mathematics or empirical science, the gravity universe or the electric universe?   When explained in its fullest, they lead to either an ‘Atheistic based’ or God based foundation of thought.

I believe that scientists will come kicking and screaming to the truth, due to the Hubble and other spaced based telescopes.  Check out Galaxy M81 and M82 that are traveling 4 times the speed of light, only one example of the changing laws of those 4 principles in science.

Doc, thank you for all of the thoughtful information that you present.

Eliezer Ben-Joseph

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