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by Barry Chamish   

The day before the IDF officer is to fly to Germany to pick up the three bodies traded with Hizbullah for over three hundred living violent criminals, his wife is wounded in the Bus 19 bombing in Jerusalem. The day before Israel's wall went on trial at The Hague, the father of Israel's economic attache to The Hague is murdered in the Bus 14 bombing in Jerusalem. We must marvel at either the coincidence or, just as likely, the sophistication of the demoralization war against Israel.     

The well of hope among the first Jewish victims of the piecemeal dismemberment of theiur nation just won't run dry. The Jewish children of Gaza walked eighty miles to Jerusalem believing they would save their homes on this hike. Yet the media all but completely ignored their marathon and when they finally arrived in Jerusalem for their mass rally of support, they outnumbered their greeters.      

I was there with my book table. Two of the Gaza ladies looked at the titles and one told me, "This is wrong. We need to strengthen our people now."      

I replied, "Lady, they're going to remove you from your home and dump you in the Negev and you're worried about me?"      

As usual, the Jews don't catch on until it's too late. But my readers already have, and let's let them have their say this time around. The forces behind Israel's impending demise sure don't want me to have my say. Just ask my brilliant computer expert Iris Mersel who has spent a good part of the last week watching as my anti-virus systems were disabled from afar, letting bugs in by the hundreds. And of course my new site  has been up, then down, then up with pornographic pop-ups. In the name of freedom, I'm suing the server. If you try the site and it's down or up with funny stuff, please report to me. I need witnesses for the suit. The server tells me it's up permanently now, but I'm switching to the biggest server in Israel next week. It may be safe to spread the word again and could the timing be better?      

This was the week PM Sharon sent Shimon Peres to Washington and Amman on diplomatic missions. Now why would he send someone who wasn't even sitting in his government? Let's follow the odyssey as reported by my readers. As usual, I'll interject my thoughts beginning and ending **.

Peres: Israel must give up all of West Bank and Gaza

By Haaretz Service and Associated Press

Labor Party Chairman and former prime minister Shimon Peres said in a speech in Washington that Israel has no moral claim to the land or to Gaza and must give up every inch of the territories.

Peres, speaking Monday after meetings earlier in the day with Secretary of State Colin Powell and national security adviser Condoleezza Rice, said "time is short" - no more than four months - for Israel to come to terms with Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmed Qureia.

** Aha, the CFR's Powell and Rice have set a deadline for withdrawal, June. And Sharon has been told to get Peres back in the loop to make sure it gets done. If not, Israel will be destroyed, possibly by missiles. But don't we have a new missile shield?**

The Arrow is the world's only operative ABM (Anti Ballistic Missile). It is a joint US-Israeli project, with Israel developing the heart of the system, the ultra-sensitive "Green Pine" radar system, which gives the missile the capability to track and intercept incoming ballistic missiles. It is the free world's only current viable defense against such threats.

Maariv has learned that the Egyptian office of IBM has been corresponding with their colleagues at the Israeli IBM office, regarding the detection and correction of bugs in the MOTIF computer program. The Arrow is programmed on this system.

Maariv has documents that attest to the tight relationship between the Israeli IBM staff and the Egyptian branch of the company. In addition, during our inquiry it turned out the next generation of the software was written in Cairo. From there the software was supposed to go to Israel and replace the current Arrow missile system.

The affair came to light following the intervention of Maariv that gave the information to the defense authorities. In recent weeks teams of experts from the defense establishment are examining all of the computerized systems, including the Arrow system, to clean, detect and neutralize bugs or "Trojan horses" that might have been implanted by hostile elements.

** IBM, isn't that the company which gave the Nazis the first computers to register the genocide of Europe's Jews. Didn't this company host Jason Alexander's "peace" mission to Israel this week sponsored by the Rockefeller and Bronfman brothers, not to mention the Jews they pay off in Peace Now. How wise of Israel to build the software for its missile shield at IBM's plant in Cairo! That is the surest way to make sure every missile aimed against us, hits its intended target. But if that day comes, Israel also has a threat left in its back pocket...**

"The Israelis could launch a pre-emptory nuclear strike against Mecca and Medina. The primary symbols of Islam would be reduced to radioactive dust. If the Israelis used a cobalt-tipped bomb, Muslims could not visit Mecca for millennia. Yet Muslims are told to do so at least once in a lifetime.

"This tactic is Israel's trump card strategically. Everyone in power in the Middle East knows it, but no one ever mentions it publicly. Muslims venerate Mecca and Medina and their monuments. When veneration becomes superstition, monuments become primary military targets for the enemy. If the Jews blast Mecca's rock into radioactive dust, the fallout will be more than radioactive dust. It could be the end of Islam.

"Do I think this attack will ever happen? Yes. The Israelis know they are in a fight to the death. They know they will never be accepted by Arabs as lawful residents in the region. Over time, they will be overcome demographically. They know it. Their enemies know it. So, when push comes to shove, Mecca and Medina will disappear."

**And that is a very likely motive for the worldwide pushing of Israel against the wall, double-entendre intended. We could demoralize Islam, maybe permanently, for the New World Order to come.   

One of these NWO forces is the Ford Foundation. One reader reported with glee that we had pushed them to the wall...**

Ford Foundation President Commits to End All Funding of Groups Linked to Incitement

New York, NY, February 9, 2004 … In an address to the Anti-Defamation League's National Executive Committee Meeting last week, Susan V. Berresford, President of the Ford Foundation, offered her personal assurances that the Foundation will no longer fund organizations that incite anti-Semitism or challenge Israel's legitimacy.

Responding to recent revelations that Ford Foundation grantees were active in the anti-Semitic, anti-Israel campaign at the 2001 U.N. World Conference Against Racism in Durban, South Africa, Ms. Berresford said that no future grants would go to organizations that support terrorism, bigotry or the delegitimization of Israel.

Ms. Berresford addressed the National Executive Committee (NEC) – the League's highest policymaking body – during its February 6 meeting in Palm Beach, Florida.

**Now witness the further disintegration of the honor of Israel's fighting men and women, sponsored by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Take a gander at this group of military shirkers pretending they are experts in soldiering. Imagine the battering the IDF is going to get at this gathering, then scroll down and see who is paying for it all...**

The Minerva Center for Human Rights
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Tel Aviv University Center for International Development and Conflict Management

University of Maryland

Conference on


Sunday, February 29, 2004: Beit Meirsdorf, Mt. Scopus Campus
The Hebrew University, Jerusalem
Monday, March 1, 2004: Mishkenot Sha'ananim
Yemin Moshe, Jerusalem
All Sessions will be conducted in English
The Jerusalem Cinemateque will have screenings and a panel discussion of soldier testimonies on film, on the evening of March 1

10:00 – 10:15 Greetings and Introduction
Michael Karayanni, Academic Director, the Minerva Center for Human Rights, The Hebrew University
Eric Goldstein, visiting scholar, CIDCM, University of Maryland
10:15 – 12:00 Session 1 – When Soldiers Talk to Journalists

  The Unofficial Story: Report of a Field-Journalist
Uri Blau, former military correspondent, Kol Ha'ir weekly
·      Publishing Soldier Testimonies in Turkey: The State and Public Response
Nadire Mater, journalist, Istanbul
·      The Good Soldier 
        Ishai Menuhin, Chair, Yesh Gvul and political scientist, the Hebrew Univ. & the Sapir Academic College
Discussant: Carmela Menashe, military correspondent, Kol Israel radio

12:00 – 13:30  Break
13:30 – 15:15  Session 2 –  Soldier Testimony, Public Institutions and Historical  Memory
·      Parliamentary Use of Soldier Testimonies 
           Zehava Galon, MK
·      The Commemoration of 1948: Palmach Veterans as Witnesses 
           Efrat Ben-Zeev, anthropologist, Ruppin Academic Center
·      French Soldiers in Algeria, 19541962: Denouncing Torture during the War─ and Forty Years Later 
           Raphaכlle Branche, historian, University of Rennes
Discussant: Juan  E. Mיndez, Professor of Law, University of Notre Dame

15:15 – 15:45  Coffee Break
15:45 – 17:30  Session 3 – Soldiers and Human Rights Organizations  
·      Machsom Watch: Women, Watching and Their Effects on Israeli Checkpoints in the West Bank 
          Eyal Ben-Ari, anthropologist, and Meirav Maymon, the Hebrew University
·      Rare and Futile: Why Soldier Testimonies Do Not Aid Victims in the Occupied Territories 
          Yossi Wolfson, attorney, Hamoked: Center for the Defence of the Individual, Jerusalem
·      Informing the Public through Soldier Testimonies: A Human Rights Organization's Experience 
          Jessica Montell, executive director, B'Tselem
Discussant: Eric Goldstein, visiting scholar, CIDCM, University of Maryland

17:30  –  18:15  Reception


09:30 – 11:30 Session 1 – Conscientious Objectors: Challenging Abuses from Outside or Inside?
·      The Whistle-Blower as Villain: The Moral Climate as an Obstacle to Revealing War Crimes 
           Moshe Negbi, Kol Israel radio and the Hebrew University  
·      Courage to Refuse: From Doubt to Determination to Political Efficacy 
           Itai Swirski, a leading member of the "Courage to Refuse" organization
·      Obedience and Democracy: On the Border of Personal Responsibility 
           Alon R., the Pilots' Letters 

  This conference was made possible by a grant from the Ford Foundation, New York, NY

**Ta da!! Why it's that same Ford Foundation which promised never to sponsor hateful anti-Jewish groups ever, ever again. Not too subtle, are they?

And now reader testimony about our last three articles about the Sabbateans, the Labour Zionists, the last Holocaust and the one they are planning against Israel right now. We have learned that the followers of the false messiah Shabtai Tzvi are fighting a war to the finish with the good Jews who rejected their messiah and insist on following morality instead. We have been shown that they have infiltrated the highest corridors of power in Europe and America and that they made certain the Jews of Europe would perish. We know that they planned a takeover of Judaism by creating Labor Zionism which would establish a Sabbatean state on the historical land of Israel. These Labor Zionists are today's "peacemakers" and Shimon Peres is their political leader. It was this same Peres who was the founder of Israel's atomic research program in the late 1940s. Among the experiments his program engaged in was the kidnapping of 4500, mostly Yemenite, infants to be used as guinea pigs for nuclear tests in America, and the blasting of over 100,000 Sephardi children in their heads with 35,000 times the accepted dose of x-rays, on the pretext of curing scalpal ringworm. My readers have solved the mystery of the radiation:

"The radiation was a mind control experiment. X-rays are gamma rays and no rays are as harmful to the brain cells. The American branch of the illuminati had the technology to build an x-ray bomb, and they wanted to know if it could pacify populations without killing them. Ben Gurion viewed the Sephardim as no more than hewers of wood and haulers of water. For the equivalent today of $50 billion he agreed to see if the experiment would lower the mental capacity to resist. They arrived religious, traditional, ethical Jews. The Laborites thought the gamma rays would make it easier to turn them into loyal Sabbateans and not to challenge their masters."
          The readers are witnesses...**

My husband's eldest sister, Hinda Gruber, had been kidnapped from the Maabara in Haifa. His mother, then married to Aduard Gruber, who was sent a little later to fight at Manara, where he died (his picture is in a memorial book), came with her husband from Cyprus after the holocaust. In the hospital (where she wasn't allowed to visit her child) they told his mother that she died, but his mother wasn't allowed to attend the funeral and she never got a death certificate nor saw a grave. We conducted an inquiry from the Ministry of Interior on the child's ID (teudat zehut). Her ID card turned out to be in the name of Minny Rivko, who was reported to have left the country in the '60s. We managed to locate her daughter who lives in Israel. Her daughter said that her mother never was an Israeli citizen and never even visited the country. She lives in South Africa. We haven't been able to locate her, her daughter is reluctant to cooperate. When the government set up a commission to investigate cases of kidnapped children, called "Vaadat yaldei Teiman" my husband went there with his mother. They were told that their case can't be treated because it happened two months before the initiation of the State of Israel.

In case you are gathering material to reopen the claims, we are very willing to cooperate.

**A witness to the early days of the state and its Bolshevik leaders...**

As to the content, I have to tell you that I am very much in accord with you about the destructive role played by the Labor party or its predecessors in the history of Zionism and the State of Israel.  That was an impression I first gained when I was in Israel in 1948-49 serving as a Canadian volunteer in the Israeli army.  Prior to that time I did not belong to any Zionist organization so I think I can say that my views were not colored beforehand because of any prior affiliation.  It therefore came as a shock to me to learn that there could be Jews in Israel who could shoot to kill fellow-Jews, an act authorized by the Government itself, because they happen to be political opponents--as what happened with the Altalena.  It appears that that is an  intolerance which still pervades Israel today which I think goes a long way to explaining Israel's ongoing problems.

In Israel Betrayed I found the parallel you drew between the murders of Chaim Orlosoroff and Yitzhak Rabin to be particularly striking.  For me it was very educational as I'm sure it was for other readers as well.  It is certainly to your credit that you could be so critical about the Labor Zionists notwithstanding the fact that, as you say, you were raised in a socialist family.  Telling it like it is is in the highest traditions of journalistic ethics.  You're a marvelous writer, I feel, and in time I think there will be a much greater appreciation of the great service you are performing for the Jewish people.  

**We recall that Jacob Schiff was the most powerful American Jew during the Holocaust and he made certain that a rescue was never seriously considered. He also stirred up a war to get the Bolshevik revolution rolling.**

Jacob Schiff substantially funded Japanese efforts against Russia in the 1904-5 war. The usual pretext offered was to fight the antisemitic Czar. Mukden (now Shengyang) and Port Arthur were sites for two of the large battles. At the current PLA Naval Base at Port Arthur (now Lushun) are 7 Jewish graves (Z"L) in poor repair.

**If anyone is privy to the secrets of the Illuminati, British Freemasonry and the Sabbateans, it is Henry Kissinger, the German Jew chosen to keep the House of Rockefeller in bad working order. A correspondent reveals his collusion in Israel's suffering.**

Kissinger and the Israeli Letter:

I will share with you the following, but please do not quote me by name on line, as I am trying to get more information from the source.
Over the past week I had the great pleasure of spending some time at a gathering with an illustrious and well respected older rabbi.
The topic of Israel came up, and questions arose about what is going on today, such as Sharon himself initiating destruction of Israel.
He said that when Kissinger was Secretary of State [I believe we were talking about early-mid 1970's], and Israel was stating that the US was pressuring it to give away land, a number of not happy rabbis met with Kissinger.
Kissinger defended by showing them a letter, from the Israeli gov't, directing him and the US gov't to appear to be pressuring them to so act.

I'll be trying to find exactly what gov't agent or dept. wrote the letter, and will share it with you if I learn more.

**Keeping in mind that the followers of Shabtai Tzvi's European disciple, Jacob Frank, often named themselves after him or the city where the Frankist/illuminati/Rothschild triad began, Frankfurt, ie. Felix Frankfurter, we find further proof of Hitler's Sabbatean origins.**

It was not Hitler himself , who might be a Jewish descendent of first degree, but his father Aloïs . His mother, Maria Anna Schiklgruer, gave birth to him(in 1837) as an unmarried yung women and later married Johann Georg Hiedler. Later Hiedler was changed into Hitler. Aloïs became the legitimate father of Adolf. Maria Anna Schiklgrüber was a servant in the house of the Jewish family Frankenberger in Graz when she got pregnant and was fired when it got known, but she received money from the family for her child.

**On Feb. 19/04, I gave a speech for the Root And Branch Association in Jerusalem whose title was Shabtai Tzvi, Labor Zionism and the Holocaust. It was a wet evening and I feared few people would arrive. In fact, chairs had to be brought from the hall to accommodate the substantial crowd. Not only was the joint packed, it was filled with new faces, like the woman from the kibbutz who told me, "You got it right about the anti-Judaism of the Mapai. In my kibbutz, we ate pork on Yom Kippur as part of a ritual I never understood. Now I do." Others in the audience were far better versed in the Sabbatean plot than I and so are some of my readers.**

Now , if you allow me, few points to your last sendout (Kerry...). Regarding the Young Turks is important to mention that also Ataturk was himself reportedly from Donmeh family. This possibility is mentioned in Encyclopedia Judaica under the heading Donmeh (Doenmeh), but most convincing is an article written by Hillel Halkin called "When Kemal Ataturk recited Shema Yisrael", in which he reffers to out of print Hebrew autobiography of Itamar Ben Avi, son of Eliezer Ben Yehuda, where he describes two meetings over bottle of arrak with Turkish officer named Mustafa Kemal in Kamenitz Hotel in Jerusalem , autumn 1911. There he reportedly confessed being descendant of Shabbetai Tzvi himself and recited part of the Shema. Also famous Turkish communist poet Nazim Hikmet is rumorred to be a "Jew" in some circles. Interesting to note that one of his grandfathers was forced to flee from Poland, so one could speculate about possible Frankist connections.

Second point, more weird probably, is to look at the victims of the Turkish massacres. They were Armenians and the people now called Assyrians. Both of these groups are at least partially descended from Jews or the lost tribes of Israel. It is well known that some of important ancient Armenian clans were of Jewish origin, as for example the powerful Amatuni clan, or the royal family of Bagratuni, who ruled for hundreds of years over Armenia and Georgia and many other Jews converted to the Armenian church over the time. 

Some one hundred years ago were the citizens of the city of Van (in Turkey) still considered Jews though nominally they were not. In addition, some believe that there may be some connection to the lost ten tribes. Regarding the "Assyrians" is very interesting that the British convinced these Aramean speaking Nestorian Christians, that it would be better for them to claim Assyrian ancestry in order to get independence ! Before the British came to Mesopotamia, Jewish travellers as well as Christian missionaries reported numerous Nestorian traditions of descent from the lost tribes of Israel and from baptised Jews - for example Binyamin the second and American missionary Asahel Grant, who wrote whole book on the subject (The Nestorians or the lost tribe). Those traditions are briefly mentioned in Encyclopedia Judaica under the heading Kurdistan. Now those same people claim descent from ancient Assyrians, mixing Christianity with the pagan god Ashur and no more remember their former identity! If you add to this the other two ethnic groups who formerly insisted on their descent from the tribes of Israel - the Pathans (Pashtuns, Pakhtuns or originally Afghans) from Afghanistan and the Kashmiris - and who are now being turned to enemies of Jews and Israel and at the same time are being murdered and robbed , one can not escape the suspicion that someone is well aware of these facts and that these groups are, as possible descendants of the Israelites, also destined for destruction, at least in the spiritual sense.

Last point is regarding the Shabbatean/Frankists in Prague and Bohemia/Moravia. No doubt the Frankist families established the first reform synagogue in Prague . I also heard about the sign of burning heart on some tombstones at many Jewish cemeteries around the country. Czech Jews were largely assimilated and very, very ignorant about their heritage before the Shoa, what is certainly product of Frankist subversion, but it seems to me that even many of the descendants of active Shabbatean/Frankists were not aware and were no more participating in their rituals. That is not to say there were no such activities. On the other hand the Czech Jews were , like other Central European Jews, very active in promoting the Frankist/Illuminist agenda , most of them not realizing the truth.

**After the Jerusalem lecture, I realized I could send the message out. Invite me to speak at your yishuv, group or synagogue. If we go down, your conscience will be clean for trying. I put an ad in the Feb.27 Makor Rishon reading: "The journalist Barry Chamish seeks a responsible person to organize his lectures and book sales." Let's give my loyal readers first dibs. If you know someone motivated and looking for work, I've got a job to offer. Let me know.   

 Here is a thought from a reader that I had and I'm sure many of you had the same idea.**

I checked out this site that you referred to. I wonder if the Kabala that is espoused here is the type of Kabala that the celebs (i.e. Madonna and her ilk) are drawn to and if it is a Sabbatian movement intent on bringing in Jews and non-Jews alike?

**Rabbi Antelman sent me the following observation:**

Dear Barry....It was the Sultan who massacred Armenians...young Turk Head Attaturk was killing Jabotinsky's Jewish legion at Gallapoli..Attaturk as I document was from Donmeh family...

**Is he right? Another correspondent took a lot of trouble researching the issue, just for you to decide. Over the years I have met my readers in Israel and abroad. I can state that they are the brightest and most inquisitive group of people humanity could produce. And they look great too. I will be in America and Canada starting April 24. So far Sacramento, San Francisco, Denver and Toronto are finalized. Denver has requested the Sabbatean lecture and has assured me that 400 people will arrive to hear it. There's still time to add dates, but not much.

We conclude with three sites my exceptional correspondents think we should all consider. The first is more confirmation of a history we all wish wasn't true. I think I can compliment you all by honestly stating that you are the mighty and few valiantly facing the unfortunate truth knowing it is the only way of preserving our beloved Israel.

And, as always, you can order my English books, Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin, Israel Betrayed, The Last Days Of Israel and Save Israel! by writing me at

And I still have a few copies left of Ben Hecht's, Perfidy and David Morrison's, Heroes, Anti-Heroes And The Holocaust.

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