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Censorship is how those in charge control public discourse – and we allow it by not educating ourselves about the facts

Censorship is very much in the news, with the latest example being the effort by the progressive movement to silence pro-Trump Fox News host Laura Ingraham after a petty social media dustup with a Parkland high school student who champions gun control.

YouTube – Soapbox for Terrorists

YouTube and Google, by enabling the promotion of Islamic terrorism, are effectively being accessories to murder and should be held criminally liable.

In mid-March this year, major companies began withdrawing or reducing advertising from Google Inc., the owner of YouTube, for allowing their brand names to pop up alongside videos promoting jihad, a new report released on June 15 by the Middle East Research Media Institute (MEMRI) reveals.

Space Video Captures Object Crashing to Surface of Jupiter — Here’s What Astronomers Say Is the ‘Only Explanation’

Jon Street, Mr. 30, 016
Paul Chodas was recording video of space when he inadvertently captured video of what is believed to be an asteroid impacting the surface of Jupiter.