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Disease Emerges in Wake of Tsunami

By Mia Shanley and Dean Yates

MEULABOH/BANDA ACEH, Indonesia (Reuters) - Hungry and filthy, thousands of Indonesians queued for water on Tuesday as aid deliveries to tsunami-ravaged Aceh province hit new snags and cases of disease and infection among survivors emerged.

The World Health Organization (WHO) said cases of pneumonia, diarrhea, malaria and skin infections were appearing, along with some cases of gangrene, because survivors had been exposed to polluted water and not treated carefully enough.

WTO Poised to Approve Patented Drug Pact

By NAOMI KOPPEL, Associated Press Writer

GENEVA - The most emotionally charged problem in the World Trade Organization appeared near solution after key countries agreed on the wording of a deal that would allow poor nations to seek alternatives to expensive patented drugs for diseases like HIV/AIDS and malaria.

WTO allows EU to impose sanctions against U.S.


WTO allows EU to impose sanctions against U.S.

GENEVA (AP) — The World Trade Organization on Friday ruled that the European Union can impose trade sanctions of up to $4 billion against the United States in a tax dispute, the biggest penalty it has ever allowed.

Palestinian cabinet mulls US demands for electoral changes to sideline Arafat

Aug. 26, 2002


The Palestinian Cabinet was briefed Tuesday on new US demands for changes in the Palestinian electoral system that are widely seen as a means of sidelining Yasser Arafat.

Palestinian parliamentary and presidential elections are tentatively set for January.

Despite a dip in Arafat's popularity, his re-election as Palestinian Authority president seems assured, since no serious challenger has emerged.

The United States has called for a new Palestinian leadership and wants to move Arafat to a ceremonial post.

W.T.O. Allows Europe to Impose Record Sanctions Against U.S.


Filed at 10:47 a.m. ET

08/29/02 By REUTERS

The World Trade Organization ruled Friday the European Union could slam sanctions worth a record $4 billion on U.S. exports in retaliation for illegal tax breaks to U.S. companies.

The figure was set by a special panel of trade arbitrators who had been debating since January how much the European Union was being hurt by a tax system that the WTO has repeatedly ruled to be in breach of international trade rules.

European Parliament Backs Tougher Food Labelling

Wed Jun 12, 2002

LONDON (Reuters Health) - The European Parliament on Wednesday drafted amendments to European law that would require food labels to list potentially allergenic ingredients such as peanuts and dairy products.

David Byrne, European Commissioner for health and consumer protection, said he welcomed the "strong support" given by the parliament in its first reading of the bill, which incorporated amendments largely in line with recommendations the Commission made last year.