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Cadmium in mascara, lead in lipstick, and arsenic in eyeliner: The ugly secrets that the beauty industry isn¿t telling you | Ma

There have long been suspicions over the levels of toxins in make-up, with numerous reports paying close attention, in particular, to lead levels in lipsticks.

'Liberal Ladies Who lUnch' Call for Sex Strike: If Our Reproductive Rights Are Denied, So Are Yours |

The women’s group “Liberal Ladies Who Lunch” is putting together an unusual event, which it is calling “Access Denied: Sex Strike.”

Low doses, big effects: Scientists seek 'fundamental changes' in testing, regulation of hormone-like chemicals - Environmental

Small doses can have big health effects. That is a main finding of a new report, three years in the making, published Wednesday by a team of 12 scientists who study hormone-altering chemicals.

'There are no safe doses for endocrine disruptors' — Environmental Health News

As a scientist, I am often asked what “proof” links hormone-altering chemicals to diseases and birth defects. One mother questions whether exposures during her pregnancy caused her child’s autism.

Mercury found in lotions and cosmetics, says FDA; products are often sold in ethnic neighborhoods and online - NY Daily News

Women are being warned to stay away from beauty products that contain a toxic ingredient — mercury.