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Weight Gain

Eat a big lunch but small dinner to lose weight faster and not feel cranky

A lot of things have been said about weight loss. But not many have linked it to the amount of food taken in during lunch and dinner.

Surprisingly modest weight gain INCREASES the risk of heart and blood sugar problems, research reveals

The health benefits of maintaining a healthy weight are obvious to most people. However, a study out of Stanford is underscoring the dangers of weight gain to health in some key areas, including blood sugar balance and gut health.

Diet soda contributes to weight gain and belly fat research shows

By Dagan: (NaturalNews) New research reports that drinking diet sodas cause people to gain weight and develop more belly fat than others. Belly fat is associated with increased risk for heart disease and diabetes. This fat, called visceral fat, is located between the abdominal muscles and the skin. Research shows that people who drank diet sodas developed three times the amount of belly fat as those who did not drink diet sodas. Other research has discovered that gut flora is changed in people who drink artificially sweetened diet sodas, probably due to acidity.

Fluoride in drinking water may trigger depression and weight gain, scientists warn

WATER fluoridation above a certain level is linked to 30% higher than expected rates of underactive thyroid in England, a study has found.

Around 10% of people in England receive water that is overexposed to fluoride

Health myth busted! Low-fat dairy promotes weight gain, heart disease and diabetes

By Benson:(NaturalNews) There's a reason why many of the people you see regularly guzzling down diet sodas and opting for low- or fat-free dairy when they order their morning lattes are some of the most overweight, unhealthy people in society. Dairy products that have been stripped of their natural fats and fatty acid profiles not only promote unhealthy weight gain but also increase a person's risk of developing heart disease, diabetes and other related ailments.

The 5 common snacking mistakes that are making you fat

Losing weight is challenging for the majority of people. Cutting calories and eating smaller meals can lead to more snacking. Though snacking can be a healthy habit, it most often just leads to weight gain. Here are some common snacking mistakes that lead to major weight gain.

The down side of diet soda

Diet soda was, for a long time, touted almost as a cure-all for those people who love to drink these fizzy, sparkling, bubbly beverages to do so nearly without guilt. With diet sodas that offer their sweetened liquid without all the weight-producing calories, people could continue to drink to their heart's content without worrying about gaining weight or harming their teeth and bones. The advent of diet soda meant that Americans, who, on average, drink around two cans of soda each day, did not have to kick their soda habit after all. Diet soda, however, did not end up being the cure that people had hoped it would be.