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Ascorbate Supplementation Reduces Heart Failure Two Vitamin C Tablets Every Day Could Save 200,000 Lives Every Year

New research has reported that risk of heart failure decreases with increasing blood levels of vitamin C [1]. Persons with the lowest plasma levels of ascorbate had the highest risk of heart failure, and persons with the highest levels of vitamin C had the lowest risk of heart failure.

Flush These "Dementia Markers" Out of Your Blood Stream

Daily supplementation using a natural pigment called astaxanthin -- the same coloring that gives flamingos their pink appearance -- can reduce the accumulation of phospholipid hydroperoxides.

The President's Desk - New Dietary Guidelines: Good News, Bad News - Vitamin Research Products

The U.S. Department of Agriculture and Department of Health and Human Services recently released the 2010 Dietary Guidelines. These recommendations, released every five years, have been biased against nutritional supplements, even though it’s difficult for most Americans to consume the recommended nutrient levels from diet alone.