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Cannabis Is A Wonderful Healing Plant

This past year, I learned about a wonderful healing plant known as cannabis. I read about all the wonderful healing benefits men and women have experienced when treating their physical pain and mental health distress with cannabis.

Bakers Green Acres Farm Will Reopen For Veterans to Rebuild Lives After Combat

Brandon Turbeville, January 25, 2016
After several years of fighting both the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and the USDA, Mark Baker of Bakers Green Acres recently announced what seemed like to many, including Baker himself, to be a long struggle of financial hardship and personal stress simply to end up where the authorities wanted him to begin with – out of business and out of sight.

Michigan senator kicks marijuana activist veteran out of hearing

Jennifer Lea Reynolds, December 17 2015
During a Michigan state Senate hearing discussing medical marijuana, state Senator Rick Jones cut short the words of a military veteran suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). As a result, the veteran was removed from the hearing, undoubtedly causing many people – not just marijuana activists – to raise their eyebrows.(1)


Researchers Cited to Justify Restrictions on Amputees Disown How Their Data Was Used and Indicate They Are "Strongly Opposed" to Proposed Changes.

So Now the POW/MIA Flag Is Under Fire — as a Symbol of ‘Racist Hate’

Another day, another argument that a flag must come down. Today’s target is a bit surprising — the POW/MIA flag that flies from government buildings, honoring the hundreds of Americans still missing and unaccounted for in Vietnam.

Seattle VA hospital staff refused to walk 10 feet to help disabled vet into ER, demanded he call 911 instead

By Barker: (NaturalNews) Army Veteran Donald Siefkin wasn't asking for much when he called the emergency room at the Seattle VA Hospital on February 27. The 64-year-old was parked just a few feet from the ER entrance and was in severe pain from a broken foot he had suffered earlier that day. The pain was getting worse, and his foot swelled to the "size of a football" on a 3.5-hour drive to the Seattle-Tacoma airport from his home in Kennewick, Washington.

Army undersecretary apologizes to veterans harmed by chemical exposure in Iraq

BY PF Louis: (NaturalNews) The New York Times ran an article on March 26, 2015 that exposed insufficient treatment of soldiers wounded by chemical agents as they were disarming chemical munitions in Iraq. The lack of treatment involved actual insufficient medical treatment and lack of recognition by not awarding them Purple Heart medals.

From the Iron Mountain, MI, Daily News: “Stop This Insanity”

I went to the Veteran's Hospital in Iron Mountain today on business. While there I stopped at the Chapel and found pinky-purple type curtains with mesh at the top, covering the altar. (You know the type. They use them between sick patient beds in the hospital).