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Contaminated food from China now entering the U.S. under the 'organic' label

The Chinese food production industry is one of the world's least-regulated and most corrupt, as has repeatedly been proven time and again. Now, it appears, there is no trusting anything that comes from China marked "organic."

Natural Health 365 reports that several foods within the country are so contaminated that Chinese citizens don't trust them. What's more, the countries that import these tainted foods are putting their citizens at risk.

Watch: Can you pass the U.S. citizenship exam? These college students failed miserably

On Saturday evening’s episode of “Watters’ World” on the Fox News Channel, in honor of the Independence Day holiday, host Jesse Watters aired a remarkable video of him asking basic U.S. citizenship test questions to college students at Arizona State University. It’s fair to say most of these students wouldn’t pass the citizenship exam, but how well would you perform?

Among the questions asked to the students were:

1. How many senators are there?

“Is it seven or 12?” one student said.

“I know this,” another student said. “50.”

USA's World Police System is really a quest to steal other countries' resources

No country is allowed to fight at all without first getting permission from the United States of America! Plus, if any country has any kind of quarrel, civil war or even just a protest about their own government, chances are that the U.S. will bomb and/or invade them, in the name of peace, of course. Then that country must deal with the U.S. occupying their country to "monitor" everything while we "install democracy." Of course, this is just a ploy while we scourge and flog all of their valuable natural resources. The invasion of Iraq, as we now all know, was all about stealing their oil by controlling their oil pipelines, because there were certainly no weapons of mass destruction. We could have easily just taken out Saddam Hussein (and his 6 palaces) with a few drone missile strikes and avoided the entire WAR, but, again, it wasn't about war, world police or even helping another country "install democracy." Rather, it was about U.S. politicians getting their hands on resources and profiting from the military (industrial) war complex.

'Drought refugees' to become reality in USA as western half of nation dries up

The U.S. intelligence community and scores of scientists at home and abroad have warned that the world's supply of clean, potable water is fast disappearing, due mostly to climate change, overuse and pollution.