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Is technology causing us to 'evolve' into a new SPECIES? Expert believes super humans called Homo optimus will talk to machines and be 'digitally immortal' by 2050

Sarah Griffiths, 2 February 2016
Futurologist Dr Ian Pearson has predicted how humans will evolve by 2050

Transhumanism comes face-to-face with religion

Transhumanism is a body of thought which Mike Adams discussed (actually, debunked) on Natural News Radio in the past year. It refers to technologies which radically change human beings' capabilities, including the notion of transfering a human being's mind from an organic substrate to a lengthened digital existence. Adams and Robert Scott Bell don't accept this. However, they felt that it was important for people to know about. Specifically, instead of constituting an "upload into immortality" of an actual person, transfering a human being's neural patterns onto a computer network only represents a simulation of the physical brain -- because the part of the person that is his or her non-physical consciousness and soul cannot be uploaded.