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Texas “mom” who tried to force transgenderism onto her 6-year-old son may have her own mental disorder called “Munchausen syndrome by proxy,” warns pediatrician

The head of the American College of Pediatricians (ACP) is attempting to make the case that an infamous Texas “mother” and “pediatrician” who’s forcing her six-year-old son to live as a “transgender” against his will may have a serious mental disorder herself.

CBD oil from hemp legalized in Texas to treat epilepsy, as marijuana puts Big Pharma to shame

L.J. Devon, March 23 2016
Texas Governor Greg Abbott took a step closer toward health freedom recently, when he signed new legislation permitting epileptic patients access to the powerful, healing CBD oil from hemp.

With Eye on Fiscal Armageddon, Texas Set to 'Repatriate' Its Gold To New Texas Fort Knox

On Friday, Gov. Greg Abbott signed legislation that will create a state-run gold depository in the Lone Star State – one that will attempt to rival those operated by the U.S. government inside Fort Knox and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York’s vault in lower Manhattan.

Texas court issues arrest warrant for 75-year-old woman over lawn not being mowed

By Huff: (NaturalNews) An elderly woman from the Central Texas city of Riesel, east of Waco, appears to have narrowly escaped being taken into custody by local police after a judge issued a warrant for her arrest. Her crime? Failing to appear before a court over her failure to mow her grass, which was in violation of a local city ordinance governing foliage height on private property.

Texas and Oklahoma slammed with historic floods: 5 dead, 12 missing... hundreds of homes destroyed... thousands impacted

By Adams: (NaturalNews) Less than 24 hours after I posted my Preparedness Pop Quiz that encouraged people to get off their butts and get prepared for the unexpected, an extreme, historic wave of torrential rains slammed Texas and Oklahoma. All of us in Central Texas rode it out as the sky darkened to almost nighttime conditions, then dropped a cloudburst of rain that was so thick at times, you couldn't see twenty feet in front of you.

Hundreds of homes were swept away. You can see some of the photos at this link on

CPS seizes family's 19-month-old son because doctors failed to diagnose his developmental delay

By Heyes: (NaturalNews) It isn't just the federal government that has become more tyrannical and authoritarian towards the people; state governments and state agencies are increasingly becoming just as much an enemy of the people in many respects as Uncle Sam is.

This is especially true when it comes to state child "protection" agencies, many of which are used by local authorities to punish citizens who refuse to "fit into the mold" of the "ideal society" or who otherwise cherish personal freedom and liberty more than anything else.

Why Garland is not Paris: It's hard to terrorize Texas when the citizens shoot back

By Adams: (NaturalNews) There's a very simple reason why terrorists failed in yesterday's attack in Garland, Texas: Good guys with guns fired back, killing the assailants.

Compare this to the attack on the headquarters of Charlie Hebdo in France, where terrorists killed 12 people, all of whom were completely unarmed. Even the cops in France were unarmed, apparently believing that guns are bad. This allowed the terrorists to escape and threaten even more people, resulting in three-day manhunt across France, during which the crime spree continued.

All Texans to be tracked like dogs under ominous Big Brother vaccine database legislation - TAKE ACTION NOW TO OPPOSE

By Adams: (NaturalNews) The National Vaccine Information Center has issued an alert for Texans to help stop forced vaccination and government coercion in their home state. A total of nine bills are currently pending in the Texas state legislature that threaten medical choice and fundamental human rights.

These laws are the extension of the current wave of vaccine hysteria sweeping America thanks to an aggressive new push toward medical fascism by the mainstream media.

Natural News launches 3D print farm in Texas to produce functional parts for revolutionary inventions

By Adams:(NaturalNews) It's official! As of today, Natural News has a print farm up and running near Austin, Texas, producing small but steady quantities of the very same 3D printable parts the world will soon be able to download for free from

Four workers die from chemical leak at Texas DuPont plant with history of repeat violations

By Lilley:(NaturalNews) Four people, including two brothers, recently died when a chemical leak at the Texas DuPont Chemical Refinery where they worked led to their inhalation of methyl mercaptan.(1,2)