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Obama’s Gitmo Closure Plan Slammed; Trump: I’d Prosecute Hillary

Sandy Fitzgerald, 23 Feb 2016
Republicans Tuesday struck out at President Barack Obama's long-promised plan to close the United States' detention center at Guantanamo Bay, with several insisting that his plan to transfer detainees to American soil is against the law.

Palestinians Suspected of Burning Torah Scrolls, Desecratiing Synagogue

Max Gelber,United with Israel Feb 7, 2016
Palestinians terrorists apparently set fire to a synagogue and burned Torah scrolls in an Israeli community in Judea.

Teacher tells students that pilgrims were "America's first terrorists" and not to listen to their parents

By Heyes: (NaturalNews) The education system in America - like the entertainment industry and the mainstream media - has been dominated by maniacal left-wing Progressives for decades, as evidenced by the routine revisionism of U.S. history, which almost always portrays our nation's founding as illegitimate, improper, racist and tainted.

And while no serious student of our nation's history would argue that America was founded as a perfect nation in an otherwise imperfect world, much of what passes as "fact" today is simply false.

Food stamps arming terrorists? USDA food stamps routinely used to purchase weapons and drugs

Shortly after the Boston Marathon terrorist attack, a local newspaper - The Boston Herald - reported that the family of the alleged bombers, and the bombers themselves, had been receiving state and federal welfare benefits.

Bush's third term: U.S. government can order killing of American citizens by secret drone strikes

The continued political polarization of the American people is leading the nation straight into tyranny. Less than a decade ago, the so-called political "left" was up in arms over Bush administration policies that permitted "waterboarding" of suspected terrorists, for instance, or unwarranted phone tapping of those perceived to be a "threat" to national security. But today, this same group of political opportunists seems gleefully supportive of Obama administration policies that are far more offensive, including the outrageous declaration recently that targeting and assassinating American citizens with secret drone strikes is perfectly acceptable and legal.