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Natural Treatments for Headache Pain

by Declan Twohig and Chet Day from The Rea Centre Collection: A Work in Progress 

There seem to be an awful lot of inquiries recently on the subject of headaches. 

We have to say that if a person is concerned that the headaches are abnormal and uncharacteristic that they need to visit their own doctor for a check up. 

Not for nothing

January 15, 2003 

by Amanda Ross 

Managing Editor Nutrition & Healing 

When melatonin hit the mass media in the 90s, it became an instant health superstar -- it made the cover of Newsweek; it was the subject of books; and it became both the darling of age-defying gurus and the nemesis of the FDA and other mainstream naysayers. Touted as the cure for everything from aging to jet lag, this hormone was certainly set up for a great fall.