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stress reduction

9 Ideas to reduce stress in your life

If you’ve been getting sick for no apparent reason, you may be suffering from chronic stress.

Essential oils offer a natural, side effect-free way to address anxiety

The connection between the brain and a person’s sense of smell is very powerful.

Relieve stress naturally with these scientifically proven supplements

Stress can maim, even kill. People who work under tremendous pressure get sick more often. They’re human time bombs waiting to explode.

Online mindfulness courses can reduce stress, anxiety and depression

Online mindfulness instruction can provide just as much benefit as in-person courses in reducing stress, anxiety and even depression, according to a study conducted by researchers from Oxford University and the UK Mental Health Foundation, and published in the journal BMJ Open in November 2013.

Greek researchers find a psychological component in heart disease

Psychological intervention has been found to reduce chances of heart attacks among heart disease patients. The psychological interventions include listening to music, doing relaxation exercises, talking to the patients about what is worrying them, patients being talked to through their surgical procedures and praying with them. It should be noted that heart disease is not only physical but also has a psychological component.