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World renowned physicist Freeman Dyson echoes the Health Ranger in touting the benefits of carbon dioxide for our planet

What if we told you that “global warming” and “climate change” not only aren’t real, but also that their biggest purported symptom, rising carbon dioxide (CO2) levels, is actually good for people and the planet, as opposed to harmful?

Schedule II? Cannabis threatens to disrupt the pharmaceutical industry

Here's the kicker: the hardcore killer, Fentanyl, is a Schedule II drug, meaning doctors can prescribe it through pharmacies. Cannabis, on the other hand, which has never killed a soul, is a Schedule I, right up there with heroin.

How To Be Happier: 7 Science-Based Ways To Fix Your Perspective And Challenge Yourself

Lecia Bushak, May 6, 2016
Scientists now know that your genes may play a role in determining your happiness; some people are naturally predisposed to mental health problems like depression and anxiety, while others appear to be more protected. But genes only make up around 50 percent of what defines happiness.

World's oldest animal was 507 years old, until scientists killed it

Although scientists and their conservation efforts (let's forget their destructive efforts for this article) have done some amazing things to save numerous plants and animals, like determining that DDT was one factor affecting the birth rates of the American bald eagle (leading to its eventual recovery), they also make mistakes. One such mistake was accidentally killing the world's oldest animal.

New Study Reveals Big Pharma’s Bone Health Deception

A newly discovered bone function has stunned mainstream scientists. Columbia University Medical Center researchers have confirmed what I’ve been saying all along: that the skeleton is not just an inert calcified structure, but rather, a dynamic and active tissue that’s constantly renewing itself if it’s given what it needs.