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Suzy Creamcheese

Note: I was not a vegetarian when I met my Florida friends in 1998. I remember that she and her husband treated my daughter Sarah and me to a series of meals in Miami's finest restaurants. Recently, "she," a vegan, requested that I write a column about her cream cheese-eating husband. Her desire was to print the column and "stuff it up his... bagel." Here you are, "D." 
Suzy Creamcheese 


Why Is It?

Some things cannot easily be explained. 

Why is it: 

That people will give milk in their refrigerator the freshness test for bacteria by smelling it, and if they're not entirely sure it's bad, will then taste it? 

Why is it: 

That commercial soymilk costs more per quart than cow's milk, with the cost of soybeans used to manufacture soymilk being less than one penny per quart, while the wholesale cost of cow's milk is about 20 cents per quart? Ditto for soy yogurt and soy ice cream. 

Why is it: 


Calves Beware: AR Activists are Lurking

If baby cows could talk, what would they say to animal rights activists? According to the latest meat-slaughter statistics, their message might be: "Mooove away and leave us be. Things were better without you." The latest calf slaughter numbers were issued by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) at 9:00 AM on February 21, 2003.

During January of 2003, 93,800 calves were slaughtered. That represents an increase of more than 7% over 2002 numbers (87,400 calves).


How to Cure Arthritis

A new study published in the February, 2003 issue of Annals
of Rheumatic Diseases confirms that those people eating a
diet high in fruits, vegetables, legumes, and certain oils
also known as the "Mediterranean diet" helps ease symptoms
in people with rheumatoid arthritis.

This study was performed on non-vegetarians living in Sweden.
The authors obtained dramatic results by placing 26
subjects on a dairy-free diet for three months, while 25
people continued to eat a typical Swedish smorgasbord of


Nebraska Governor's Baloney Turns to Manure

Nebraska Governor Mike Johanns is a hard-working
man, having grown up on a dairy farm. He named
his first-born daughter Michaela, after himself,
and while that might sound a bit odd to me, that's
the way things are done in Nebraska...I suppose.

One of the many important functions of state governors,
and privileges afforded to men and women who we elect to
govern, is that they are given the power to designate
special days in honor of what pleases them at the moment.
For instance, Johanns has named May 20th "March for Jesus


We Start Our Day in a Land of Milk and Honey

What is this so-called land of "milk and honey?" 

In the Old Testament, Moses was promised a "Land flowing with milk and honey." Jews were in slavery. First-born infants were put to death. Exodus represented a promise. A world in which milk flowed from breast-feeding mothers who would nurture their children with the sweetness of freedom. 

Recognizing that most teenage kids rarely eat fruit, 


Animals Deserve Compassion, Not Rights

That was the headline in the February 6, 2003 
National Review editorial, written by Jonah Goldberg. <


In reviewing a new book by Matthew Scully, "Dominion: The Power of Man, the Suffering of Animals and the Call to Mercy," Mr. Goldberg praises the author's literary effort while taking every opportunity to ridicule all things vegan. He writes: 


AR Survey Results

The Chinese have a saying, sometimes offered in a fortune cookie: Be careful of what you wish for. It may come to pass. 

I wished for 100 responses to my 2-question survey. Over 1000 of you responded. My original column: 

Most responses were either "no-no" or "yes-yes." I counted 841 no-no, 41 yes-yes, and 124 comments, as attached, for a total of 1006 letters.