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New Study: Fluids From Marcellus Shale Likely Seeping Into PA Drinking Water

New research has concluded that salty, mineral-rich fluids deep beneath Pennsylvania's natural gas fields are likely seeping upward thousands of feet into drinking water supplies.

Common Sense Is Not Enough Anymore. Mastery Newsletter July 2012

The world has become so complex, it is as if there are hidden minefields all over the place. These minefields contain silent mines. If you “step” on them, it may take months, years or decades for the bombs to “explode.”

Melatonin, A Natural Programmed Cell Death Inducer in Cancer.

Melatonin, an indolamine derived from the amino-acid tryptophan, participates in diverse physiological functions and has great functional versatility related to the regulation of circadian rhythms and seasonal behaviour, sexual development, retinal physiology, tumour inhibition, as an antioxidant, immunomodulatory and anti-aging properties.

Space Weather Mystery Solved: Link Found Between Electrons Trapped in Space and Upper Atmosphere's Diffuse Aurora

New research has settled decades of scientific debate about a puzzling aspect of space weather.