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Sign this petition to support the official, obvious conclusion that there are only TWO sexes, not a “spectrum”

Thousands of physicians, psychiatrists, and attorneys have applauded the Trump administration’s proposal that at the legal level, the definition of gender should be informed by science, and not by political agenda — and now, they’ve created a petition to help keep science sane, and to help preserve the rights of biological girls and women.

Trained bees successfully locate landmines in Croatia

The ongoing effort to detect and disarm forgotten explosives in battlefields around the world has received a new tool. Scottish researchers successfully got honeybees to sniff out old landmines in Croatia, an article on the Daily Express reported.

Mainstream media wages war on REAL science by blindly pushing dangerous vaccines

By Benson: (NaturalNews) The pro-vaxxers are angry. More and more parents are reportedly defying the propaganda machine and skipping vaccines for their children, which has sparked a full-fledged war in the mainstream media against medical choice, free thought and even basic logic.