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Rayid is a unique system for identifying behavioral, communication and relationship patterns according to the structural constitution of the iris of the eye.

The Rayid Model of Personality and Relationships

There exists a great amount of detail, specificity, and precision in the correlation between one's iris structure and features, and one's characteristics, both personality and physiology (mind and body). I resisted the idea there could be behavior trait correlates in the iris patterns for two years, coming from the scientific/medical/university world of ophthalmology and bioengineering, but once after studying it closely, Rayid appears to be the most useful and advanced model of personality and relationship. A more detailed description is given at What Is Rayid?


The RAYID Method

Since 1978, we have been a global network of kindred-spirits who love life and

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With practitioners and teachers in over 14 countries, our mission is to celebrate the wholeness in every one we meet and encourage them to do the same.

Mission Statement
We affirm and nurture the vital health of individuals and families.

Rayid is based on the following principles:
• Life has a purpose


Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator

The Myers Briggs model of personality is based on 4 preferences.

  1. Where is your primary source of energy?
  2. How do you prefer to take in information?
  3. How do you prefer to make decisions?
  4. How do you prefer to organise your life?

There are two questionnaires that can help you find out your Myers Briggs type:


The Shaker Type

Eyes that have both dot-like pigments and rounded openings indicate an extremist (Shaker) type of personality. Embodying the forces of attraction and repulsion, representing everything that moves, Shakers are highly motivated, dynamic and expressive. These radical, action-oriented people frequently venture beyond the limits of conventional thought and norms. They possess a bulldog-like tenacity that drives them to press on against all odds. Pioneering types, typically at the forefront of change and innovation, Shakers challenge life with abandon and zeal.


The Jewel Type

The presence of color flecks in the iris indicates a thinking-oriented, analytical person. These color spots, which can be range from yellow to red to brown, are referred to as jewels, and this mental type of person is referred to as a Jewel. Mental types direct their perceptions and feelings through internal thought and analysis. Every person thinks, and every person analyzes, but for Jewels these are recognizably their dominant personality characteristics.


The Flower Type

Distinctly curved or rounded openings in the fibers of the iris indicate an emotional type of person. These openings, which look as if the light colored iris fibers have round holes within them, are called flowers, and we refer to the emotional type of person as a Flower. Feeling-oriented, they experience life through the sensitivities of the heart, with automatic emotional reactions to events.