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Biggest LIES of 2018 – including toxic twists of news about medicine, food, agriculture and politics

If you repeat a lie over and over, no matter how big and preposterous, people start believing it.

Millionaire Democrat Wants To Tax Parents With More Than Two Kids As ‘Irresponsible Breeders’

A democrat congressional candidate in Pennsylvania has desires to tax parents who have more than two children as “irresponsible breeders.” Scott Wallace is a population control zealot who has donated over $7 million to population control groups.

China orders its state-run media to delete all articles and images about an exploding vaccine scandal… sound familiar?

A Chinese vaccine maker has been fabricating records and pumping out defective vaccines.

Violence, ignorance, hate and socialism – Find out how TOXIC foods and noxious medicines are fueling Leftist derangement across America

Want to live in a country that has no police, no laws, no freedom of speech, no freedom of press, no freedom of religion, and no right to bear arms?

Boys Will Keep Winning Girls’ Sports Trophies Until We Are Willing To Re-Assert Sex Distinctions

The assumption in Obergefell that the sexes are interchangeable is affecting laws and regulations that concern sex differences in many other forms.

Left-wing socialist poster reveals EXACTLY what the United States will become if Democrats win

In recent weeks a couple of conservative media outlets have begun tallying the number of violent incidents committed by Leftists against Trump supporters.

Bombshell new report reveals how tech giants are systematically destroying the First Amendment

On Monday, Natural News founder/editor Mike Adams, in conjunction with Infowars, released a new report that outlines in stunning detail how the tech media giants — think Facebook, Google, YouTube, and Twitter especially — are working in tandem to deny tens of millions of Americans access to news and information the social media corporations find politically objectionable.

Legislative and regulatory solutions for halting the censorship of independent media

The blueprint for how tech giants covertly silence online speech, and how America can fight back against corporate tech monopolists