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Polarity Therapy

Polarity Nutrition

The Polarity Therapy approach to Nutrition is based on the energetic

properties of foods, in contrast to nutritional systems which measure specific components. In addition, Polarity Therapy employs foods for specific beneficial effects, particularly cleansing and rebuilding through specific high-energy foods, herbal properties, good food combinations and matching foods with specific constitutional and activity needs.

The fundamental concepts of Polarity Therapy nutrition include:

Polarity Therapy Then and Now

Sharon Porter, RPP speaks out on APTA's history and future

Now that I am finally on APTA's listserve, some thoughts are arising as to the present conflict and its history in our distant past. Dr. Stone tried for decades to get doctors to listen to him and to take his work seriously as a medical profession. They regarded him as a quack. He was angry, edgy, defensive, always pulling published news items out of his pocket that would in any way justify any part of his work. He was an aquarian in a picean world which was not ready for him.