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A guide to understanding signals from animals to determine whether a natural disaster is about to strike

Natural disasters can happen anytime and anywhere. Devastating earthquakes often occur without warning. Or do they?

Vet Reveals What Happens in a Dying Pet's Final Moments, Breaks Hearts Around the World

Sometimes your best friend isn’t there when you need him most. That is what a veterinarian reportedly described to Twitter user @jessi_dietrich.

How dogs judge us

Babies do it by the age of a year-and-a-half and, as studies have shown, so do capuchin monkeys. Now, in the continuing effort to understand canine psychology through science, researchers think that dogs can do it, too.

So what is this mysterious “it?” It is the tendency to judge others based on their altruism. That is, babies, monkeys, and dogs will all favor humans that they see helping other humans, especially when that assistance is given to their own humans.


Are Pets the New Probiotic?

Scientists are paying increasing attention to the “indoor microbiome,” the billions of bacteria, viruses and fungi that we share our homes and offices with. But not all those micro-organisms are bad for us, experts note. And exposure to a rich array of indoor germs may actually be salutary, helping stave off a variety of illnesses.

Here’s What ‘Feed Grade’ Means For Your Pet

It’s important for consumers to understand exactly what feed grade is. Feed grade pet food isn’t all bad, it’s murky; feed grade requires consumers to trust your pet food manufacturer.

Cat and dog foods are termed ‘food’ but most are not – legally – food. Most are feed or feed grade. The exception to this is human grade pet foods; human grade pet foods – legally – are food. It’s simple to understand what a human grade pet food is – all ingredients and all manufacturing processes meet human food law. But it is not so simple with feed grade.


Dogs can talk to humans, study suggests

Dogs have a surprising ability to make humans understand what their barks and growls mean, a study has shown.

Women were better than men at recognizing when a dog was being playful or threatening or feeling fear, scientists discovered.

For the study, 40 volunteers listened to different growls recorded from 18 dogs that were guarding their food, facing a threatening stranger, or playing a tug-of-war game.

Overall, participants correctly classified 63 percent of the growl samples - significantly more than would be expected by guesswork alone, said the researchers.


Coconut Oil for Dogs, Cats and Other Pets – The Ultimate Guide

health freedom alliance, 12 March 2016
We all love to pamper our pets and sometimes they also need a little extra TLC. But did you know there’s an amazing natural ingredient you can use to indulge your dog or cat?

Your cat thinks you are a big, lazy mama cat

The age-old battle between cat lovers and dog lovers over which creature is preferable as a house pet just got a little more interesting. A new book by a prominent feline researcher who has been studying cats for over 30 years reveals what many of us have suspected about the true nature of cats: that they view us humans as oversized, lazy mama cats and, perhaps not surprisingly, generally view humans as something other than companions.

Should you smooch your pooch? Reasons why it may not be a great idea to kiss your pets

It is a well-known fact that pet owners are generally happier and healthier than folks who do not share their lives with companion animals. For example, children who grow up in families that own pets are less likely to suffer from infections, allergies, asthma and other common childhood ailments, according to recent studies. However, animals do carry germs and risk infecting humans with diseases.