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Study proves that people who eat organic have 25% lower risk of cancer

If you’ve ever doubted whether organic food is worth the higher price tag, a study that was recently published in JAMA Internal Medicine should put your concerns to rest.

USDA-Backed “Factory Farm” Takeover of Organic Milk Production Crushing Family-Scale Farmers and Forcing Them Out of Business

Newly Released Report, and Associated Organic Dairy Brand Scorecard, Enables Defrauded Consumers and Wholesale Buyers to “Vote with Their Pocketbooks”

This Weird Diet Is Actually The Healthiest, According To One Of The Country's Top Functional Docs

The vegan diet, for example, ideally incorporates plenty of whole, plant-based foods. As a result, vegans get lots of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fiber, and healthy fats with none of the baggage that comes with feedlot meat.

Costco Going All Out for Organic: You’re Not Going to Believe the New Initiative this Retailer is Taking

health freedom alliance, 19 April 2016
Costco can be a little unpredictable when it comes to embracing natural, healthy foods

After Being Poisoned By Pesticides, This Strawberry Farmer Switched to Organic (And Proved Everyone Wrong)

Health Freedom Alliance, 14 April 2016
While it’s been proven time and time again that “conventional” agriculture, the byproduct of the post-World War II era and the chemicals that remained, causes serious harm, most people don’t realize just how bad it’s gotten.