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Report: Obama NSA Illegally Spied On Americans For Years

According to a blockbuster report from, a Federal Intellience Surveillance Act court has now found that the Obama administration violated its own guidelines when it radically expanded internet searches focused on American citizens in contravention of law. According to the court:


Spying on Congress and Israel: NSA Cheerleaders Discover Value of Privacy Only When Their Own Is Violated

Glenn Greenwald, 31 December 15
he Wall Street Journal reported yesterday that the NSA under President Obama targeted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his top aides for surveillance.

Leaked documents reveal government blueprint for destroying online reputations through elaborate smear campaigns

Investigative journalist Glenn Greenwald, working with former NSA contractor-turned-whistleblower Edward Snowden, has uncovered bombshell after bombshell regarding the manner in which U.S. and Western intelligence services conduct business.

Obama about-face: Prez wants to reinstate NSA mass surveillance program after pledging to end it

By Heyes: (NaturalNews) President Obama has recently signed legislation called the USA Freedom Act, which seeks to put limits on how much personal data on Americans the National Security Agency can collect en masse. But many view the new law as just another head fake by an administration that, truth be told, tasked the NSA with far wider surveillance powers than the Bush Administration.

U.S. Senate approves 'Freedom Act' to renew government spying powers

By Heyes: (NaturalNews) Well, that was short-lived.

The Senate on Tuesday passed a measure that reaffirms previous legislation the Bush and Obama Administrations used to justify tasking the National Security Agency with conducting massive, and early on warrantless, electronic surveillance on Americans. Controversial provisions of the law that both administrations used to "authorize" such tasks – the USA Patriot Act – expired June 1, at which time the NSA's surveillance programs were supposed to be shut down.

Freedom in America now lost as judge rules NSA spying on all your phone calls is legal and justified

It should have been a slam-dunk case of wholesale violation of the Fourth Amendment. But instead, the National Security Agency can spy on you anytime it wants, and without need for any bothersome warrants.

Warning to all Sprint mobile users: mysterious phone calls from 865-6696 may install NSA surveillance code on your iPhone

All across America, people who have Sprint service on their iPhones and other mobile devices are receiving repeated calls from the number "865-6696" without any area code. Sprint message boards are full of thousands of complaints of people experiencing this issue, but no one seems to understand the true reason why these calls are being made.

Vaccine company used NSA-like Internet surveillance to circumvent parental concerns about vaccination safety

You'd have to be living in a cave to have not heard recently that the National Security Agency has been caught using its incredibly vast and powerful infrastructure to eavesdrop on virtually all Americans' electronic communications. What you probably didn't know, however, is that a vaccine company - GlaxoSmithKline - has been caught using NSA-like Internet surveillance to circumvent concern by parents regarding vaccination safety.