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Trained bees successfully locate landmines in Croatia

The ongoing effort to detect and disarm forgotten explosives in battlefields around the world has received a new tool. Scottish researchers successfully got honeybees to sniff out old landmines in Croatia, an article on the Daily Express reported.

New Hitler Stands Up in Front of the World

Dr Sircus - IMVA, March 14, 2016
Turkey's president is calling for his country to "redefine" terror and terrorists so that their legal scope can expand to anyone supporting terror — including legislators, academics, journalists or activists.

France to Invoke Article 5 of NATO Treaty - NATO compelled to go to war against ISIS -- U.S. may "Intern" all Muslims!

Newsroom - Nov 15, 2015
The attacks against multiple civilian targets in Paris Friday night by the ISIS Terrorist Group have turned into actual WAR!

Whose Spring? The CIA's Hand In The Rise of Islamists And International Terrorist Groups

"The pattern of Washington working in unison with multinational, cross-border armed extremists - with, if the word has any meaning, terrorists - has now been revealed as a global phenomenon."