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Honest money activist releases barter-friendly gold grams emblazoned with Ron Paul figure

By Heyes: (NaturalNews) A noted liberty activist has launched a campaign to return "value" to local communities by reintroducing an "ancient" form of "peer-to-peer commerce."

Gary Franchi, founder of the Next News Network and host of last year's Global Freedom Summit, believes "organic money" is the answer to protecting against an eventual collapse of the world financial system. It's also a great way to return to a more personalized economy.

The suppression of knowledge by establishment academics

By NaturalNews Editors: (NaturalNews) One of the reasons I criticize academics has been my experience in their suppression of knowledge. I used to fund important archaeological excavations that could further our knowledge of history. The First Gulf War bombing uncovered a ancient city nobody had known about in the desert of Iraq. Ancient cities contained libraries where everything was stored including court cases and disputes.

Spending money on experiences, rather than items, increases happiness

The glitz and glam of Hollywood as portrayed in Western culture unforgivingly showcases a standard of living that most Americans will never achieve. These unrealistic lifestyles projected onto the public mainly through television feature material objects like gorgeous condos, fancy cars, designer clothes and... money, and the importance of having it.

Probe Re-Launched into Unused US Afghanistan Facility

An inspector general has re-launched a probe into why $34 million was spent on a military facility in Afghanistan that was never used and will be demolished or turned over the Afghan government once U.S. forces pull out.

Families around the world are pulling cash out of banks and hiding it in their homes

The financial crash and Great Recession of 2008-09, which was felt far beyond U.S. borders, so spooked families around the globe that increasingly many have begun hoarding cash in their homes rather than trust it to banks.