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McDonald’s Just Came Out with a “Healthy” Kale Salad, But there is just one Problem…

health freedom alliance, 10 February 2016
Though McDonald’s remains a powerful force in the global fast food marketplace, its recent PR disasters, from its ‘19 ingredients in the french fries’ fiasco to its use of abused poultry, have motivated the company to rebrand itself.

McDonald's hamburger from 1999 looks exactly the same today

A Utah man's recent discovery of an old fast food hamburger hiding in a coat pocket serves as a reminder to us all about why we continue to choose fresh foods as close to their natural states as possible over processed foods. What began as a month-long experiment to see how long it takes for a basic McDonald's hamburger to decompose turned in a shocking revelation for David Whipple, whose 14-year-old McDonald's hamburger still looks almost exactly the same today as it did back in 1999 when he first purchased it.

Nine-year-old girl grills McDonald's CEO over 'tricking kids into eating food that isn't good for them'

Sometimes the simplest truths in life are proclaimed from the mouths of children, and this was definitely the case at the recent annual shareholder meeting of fast food giant McDonald's, where a nine-year-old girl schooled the company's CEO Don Thompson on the issue of junk food. According to reports, Hannah Robertson flat-out asked Thompson why his company tricks children into eating junk food by marketing it to them with toys and cartoon characters, upon which he denied that McDonald's even serves any junk food.