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Marijuana Terrorists

Former Rep. Patrick Kennedy (D-R.I.) gets my vote for being the biggest marijuana idiot in the nation. I originally entitled this essay ‘Marijuana Idiots’ but changed the name because of Attorney General Jeff Sessions who would love to continue the war on drugs which is really a terrible war on people.

Kennedy said: “I just don’t know how much sense it makes to try to allow another intoxicating, addicting substance to be sold in the marketplace.”


Marijuana Use Last Word and a Postcard from Athens!

Now, to business:

I’ve been called a liar. The F-word (again!) The topic of marijuana, like the one on alcohol, has really brought the flies crawling out of the furniture.

There are laughable individuals who claim to know more than me, by “researching” on Google! As if that counted for more than clinical experience.

There is no comparison between offering drugs for pain and solving the origins of the pain. The ONLY sensible medical strategy is to find and eradicate the reason the person is in pain in the first place.


CBD chaos: DEA's refusal to reschedule marijuana molecules just the latest protectionist racket from the criminal corporate cartels running the corrupt U.S. government

(NaturalNews) Obama's war on humanity just took another great leap toward totalitarian despotism with last week's DEA decision to deny petitions seeking to reclassify medical marijuana as a non-schedule I drug. This decision means that any person possessing natural CBD (cannabidiol) compounds derived from hemp leaves, including CBG, CBN, CBD-A and other similar molecules from cannabis, can technically be charged with felony possession of a schedule I drug.

Schedule II? Cannabis threatens to disrupt the pharmaceutical industry

Here's the kicker: the hardcore killer, Fentanyl, is a Schedule II drug, meaning doctors can prescribe it through pharmacies. Cannabis, on the other hand, which has never killed a soul, is a Schedule I, right up there with heroin.

Why lab-made synthetic marijuana is NOTHING like actual cannabis

(NaturalNews) It seems to be standard operating procedure among scientists and drug manufacturers that whenever a natural substance is found to have beneficial medicinal or health-promoting properties, a synthetic version produced in the laboratory will soon follow – and often with disastrous results.

The DEA used $18 MILLION in taxpayer money to destroy marijuana plants, attack legal businesses, arrest medical patients

J. D. Heyes, April 27 2016
The Obama Administration and Congress continue to send conflicting messages about the cultivation and recreational use of marijuana.

This Summer The DEA May Choose to Reschedule Marijuana To A Schedule II Drug – Mixed Feelings Abound

health freedom alliance, 21 April 2016
After decades of intransigence on the issue, the Drug Enforcement Administration may finally recommend removing marijuana from the list of the country’s most dangerous drugs.