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Book Accusing Israel of Sparing Palestinian Lives ‘In Order To Control Them’ Wins Women’s Studies Award

A Rutgers University professor was awarded for her book of outrageous lies, titled ‘The Right to Maim’, which falsely accuses Israel of profound cruelty towards Palestinians.

Four Outrages In UNESCO’s Anti-Israel Resolution on Jerusalem

TEL AVIV — The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) on Tuesday passed a highly biased anti-Israel resolution regarding Jerusalem’s Old City and its ancient walls. Below, in no particular order, are four outrages inside the brief text of the Jordanian-sponsored resolution, affirmed by the UN body’s World Heritage Council:

1 – The resolution refers to the Old City of Jerusalem as “occupied territories” and claims that Israel is the “occupying power” there.


UNESCO Harming Itself with Anti-Israel Resolutions

Knesset Member warned that UNESCO must not be turned into a political arena, exploited by the Palestinians to promote their anti-Israel agenda.

Member of Knesset Tzipi Livni, Israel’s former foreign minister, criticized the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) for passing resolutions against Israel and its history, on the eve of the 41st annual UNESCO World Heritage Committee conference in Poland.


Palestinians suffer under Israeli “occupation?” The facts beg to differ!

One of the most common myths about Israel is that it is an occupying force that systematically oppresses the indigenous Palestinian population, which suffers bitter subjugation, and when peace finally comes and the occupation ends, the Palestinians will be free to flourish.

Nobel Prize laureate José Saramago, for instance, charged that “what is happening in Palestine is a crime we can put on the same plane as what happened at Auschwitz.”

Many believe that what Israel is supposedly doing to the Palestinians is similar to the Nazi treatment of Jews during the Holocaust.

UNESCO Plans to Declare Jerusalem's Temple Mount Holy to ‘Muslims Only’

Israel on Thursday was outraged to learn that the U.N.’s heritage body was planning to adopt a resolution declaring Jerusalem's Temple Mount sacred to “Muslims only.”
The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization’s (UNESCO) 21-member World Heritage Committee is set to vote on the resolution, a joint Palestinian-Jordanian initiative, during its annual meeting in Istanbul, which began on Sunday and runs through next week. The resolution calls for a return to the “historic status quo” on the Temple Mount, which it sees as favoring Muslims.

'Every Place You Find An Israeli or Jew, Cut His Head Off'

Abbas' advisor and Fatah Central Committee member Sultan Abu Al-Einein is one of the many Fatah leaders who regularly refute the myth that Fatah is moderate and peace promoting. During an interview with a Palestinian news agency about building peaceful and normal relations with Israel, Abu Al-Einein explained that he rejects “negotiations, meetings, and normalization” activities and believes when a Palestinian meets an Israeli he should kill him:

Stop the Israeli BDS

It’s stunning … 500,000 dead in Syria and Iraq… and yet the United Nations charges Israel with crimes against humanity? Where are the boycotts against North Korea, Sudan, Iran? They don’t exist … only against Israel! It’s absurd. And our voice — the voice of reason and reality — must finally be heard.

Arab Activist: 'Palestinians Want to be Under Israeli Authority'

Arab Activist: 'Palestinians Want to be Under Israeli Authority'
Ayyad explained that "the Palestinians have become frustrated by the attitude and the behavior of the Palestinian Authority" and almost all would prefer Israeli annexation.