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Mirror of the Body: How the tongue and eyes reveal your body's health

By Huff: (NaturalNews) Many people today suffer from unusual health conditions that don't seem to have an obvious cause, and that doctors often dismiss as overblown, or worse, nonexistent. Finding answers isn't always easy, but health practitioner Tina Taekema has put together a course known as "Mirror of the Body" that might be able to help.

Iridology is another tool in the optimal health toolbox

It never fails. Say the word "iridology" and get strange looks in return from people. Why? One reason is even though it is considered an alternative modality of health, it's not a very commonly used one. And also, some of those puzzled looks are a result of iridology being mistaken as a means of assessing vision. So, what is it really? It is a science related to the study of the iris of the eye. Who knew that the color portion of the eye can tell an iridologist a lot about the internal makeup of an individual's genetics?