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Illegal Aliens Sue U.S. for Cracking Down on “Credible Fear” Asylum Racket

It looks like the Trump administration is cracking down on an Obama-era racket that awarded droves of illegal immigrants who claimed to have a “credible fear” with asylum and the foreign nationals are firing back with a lawsuit. Credible fear asylum in the U.S. was so out of control during the Obama years that illegal aliens were spreading the word on Facebook and immigration authorities got bombarded with unprecedented amounts of applicants.


The cost of illegal immigration is at a record high — here are the numbers you need to know

A recently released report details just how much illegal immigration costs Americans — the findings are shocking. (Paul J. Richards/AFP/Getty Images)

The Federation for American Immigration Reform — or FAIR — released a comprehensive report Wednesday on the rising cost of illegal immigration. Here are the numbers you should know:

Total government expenditures on illegal immigration: $134.9 billion per year

Total federal costs: $45.9 billion

● Education costs: $1.7 billion

● Medical costs: $17.1 billion

● Justice system costs: $13.1 billion

The Law Of Unintended Consequences: Georgia's Immigration Law Backfires

To forgo a repeat of last year, when labor shortages triggered an estimated $140 million in agricultural losses, as crops rotted in the fields, officials in Georgia are now dispatching prisoners to the state’s farms to help harvest fruit and vegetables.