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How to Benefit From Herbs

Garlic: Garlic is a very healthy herb. It has shown to significantly reduce the amount of fatty deposits in the arteries by up to 50%. It also helps to stop clots from forming. Garlic can easily be added to dishes to make them more tasty. If you have a problem with “garlic breath,” you may want to use a supplement.


Herbal supplements and the skepticism

The rising popularity of herbal supplements has created a new fad if not a new health lifestyle. But before you join the bandwagon, here are some things you need to know about this mean, “green” dietary supplementing machine.

- What is the difference between a drug and a dietary supplement?

Making Your Own Herbal Hair Shampoo

In 1990 I decided not to use the commercially made shampoos after reading Aubrey Hampton’s book, “Natural Organic Hair and Skin Care.” In this book Aubrey tells you how to read the label on any product that you put on your skin or hair.

Manufacturers are constantly using toxic chemicals in their skin and hair products and disregard their toxic effects on your body. This is easily seen in the list of chemicals that they use. Here are a few of these chemicals found in many product labels: