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From dehydration and diet to tumors and aneurysms, there are many causes for headaches – do you know which kind are cause for concern?

If you’re lucky, you’ve only had occasional headaches. But most people are so used to having headaches that they’ve simply become part of their normal day.

Higher folate diet may reduce migraine frequency

Niki Widdowson, February 16, 2015
Eating more folate, found in various green leafy vegetables such as spinach and kale, may reduce migraine frequency, a QUT research team has found.

Migraine triggers may not cause severe headaches

MyHealthNewsDaily, January 24, 2013
Up to 95 percent of migraine headache sufferers can identify at least one activity that will leave them pillaging the medicine cabinet for a pain reliever, according to one report.

Natural Treatments for Headache Pain

by Declan Twohig and Chet Day from The Rea Centre Collection: A Work in Progress 

There seem to be an awful lot of inquiries recently on the subject of headaches. 

We have to say that if a person is concerned that the headaches are abnormal and uncharacteristic that they need to visit their own doctor for a check up. 

Not for nothing

January 15, 2003 

by Amanda Ross 

Managing Editor Nutrition & Healing 

When melatonin hit the mass media in the 90s, it became an instant health superstar -- it made the cover of Newsweek; it was the subject of books; and it became both the darling of age-defying gurus and the nemesis of the FDA and other mainstream naysayers. Touted as the cure for everything from aging to jet lag, this hormone was certainly set up for a great fall.