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Gymnema Sylvestre

An Herb that Ends Cravings Before They Start

TV, it seems, has its signals crossed.
On one channel you'll see shows like The Biggest Loser fighting obesity and advocating weight loss through diet and exercise.
But turn the channel and you have Paula Deen whipping up some down-home, deep-fried deliciousness featuring cakes, cupcakes, or other sweet treats. What gives?
The reality is that we as a country are bombarded with mixed messages every day when it comes to food. We want to (and often do!) indulge in the sugary goodness that seems to be on every street corner, vending machine, and cookie jar, and then we lament our expanding waistlines and the growing diabetes epidemic.
No wonder everyone is looking for a magic pill to take off the weight. But what if you could stop the cravings that led to the overeating in a safe and effective way?

Gymnema Sylvestre


-  Increases activities of the enzymes which facilitate use of glucose by insulin dependent pathways [6]

-  Increases the uptake of glucose into glycogen and protein in liver, kidney and muscle [5]

Gymnema corrected the hyperglycemia in mild alloxan diabetic rats and prolonged life-span in severe alloxan diabetic rats. [6]