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Remember when the idea of the government reading your e-mails was a 'conspiracy theory?'

Britain's King George, against whom our founding fathers rebelled, would have no doubt been much better prepared for the colonists' revolt had he access to the kind of technology available to the U.S. government these days. If he had, chances are good that the rebellion which launched the most successful republic in the history of the world might never have succeeded.

Governments Don’t Care About the People

Do you believe the government is there for the common good and that the people who staff it are selfless crusaders for justice who are valiantly trying to do what is best for you and me? In the above video Thomas E. Woods, Jr. insists that what the government is actually is a parasitic institution living off the labor of its subjects as it engages in activities that are morally corrupt.


The city of Cumming, Georgia is litigating against public right to videotape open meetings. Videotaping in a freedom of information context is a crucial part of transparent elections because it lets citizens capture durable evidence in the election. Election processes are (or should be) subject to public observation, yet sometimes public officials try to block this.

The big media lie about the US government's purchases of over one billion rounds of anti-personnel ammunition


The alternative media scored a huge victory last week with the joint coverage of the U.S. government's purchase of over one billion rounds of anti-personnel "hollow point" ammunition. The ammunition is to be use domestically, not by the military.

The U.S. government's coming war with the American people: Insane quantities of govt. ammo purchases point to only one purpose

At the same time politicians in Washington are openly talking about banning online ammo sales to American citizens, the government itself is arming to the teeth.

Farmers stage pitchfork protest over absurd fines for hosting birthday party

Dozens of Virginia farmers are up in arms after one of their neighbors was targeted by county officials for holding a birthday party and produce fair on her own property.

EPA violated 10th Amendment and state rights - Virginia coalition files federal suit over unconstitutional rain water collection

The Tenth Amendment has been described by some constitutional scholars and experts as the Bill of Rights' catch-all amendment, in that it was written into the nation's founding document as a way to remind future federal lawmakers and officials that unless the Constitution explicitly allows it or bans it, states - as sovereign entities - are free to do as they please.