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Government Corruption

Leaked TPP emails show corporations have infiltrated U.S. government at the highest levels

By Heyes: (NaturalNews) A trove of confidential emails obtained by a legal watchdog group indicates that corporations have been given special access to negotiations involving the secretive Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement.

According to the group Intellectual Property Watch (IPW), there are a number of stakeholders interested in the provisions that will eventually be adopted by all countries involved in the TPP negotiations – provisions which, thus far, have been kept from Americans on instructions from President Obama.

Ecuadorian woman banned from US for visa fraud is allowed back in after giving Democrats "donations"

By Heyes: (NaturalNews) With President Obama, it's all politics, all the time.

The White House has overturned a ban on keeping a wealthy, politically connected Ecuadorean woman out of the country after her family shelled out tens of thousands of dollars to Democratic campaigns, The New York Times reported, citing government officials and finance records.

TPP is Treason. WAKE UP! Globalization Goes For Check- Mate.

George Orwell cried last night. Had not he warned them. Hadn't they read his books, once taught in high schools across America. He was so clear. Yet, so few listened. Now, the plot was almost over. They, the Pigs, were about to win. Unless......