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Glossary (references)

Weight Control Glossary of Terms

5-hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP): Found in some over-the-counter weight loss formulas, this extract from a West African plant seed contains a contaminant linked to a rare and potentially deadly blood disorder. It has not been proven to effectively promote weight loss.

Hippocratic Oath

Translation by Heinrich Von Staden, "In a pure and holy way:" Personal and Professional Conduct in the Hippocratic Oath," Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences 51 (1996) 406-408.

I swear by Apollo the Physician and by Asclepius and by Health and Panacea and by all the gods as well as goddesses, making them judges [witnesses], to bring the following oath and written covenant to fulfillment, in accordance with my power and my judgment.

Some Common Initials and Abbreviations for Licensed Holistic Practitioners

A.C.S.W. - Academy of Cert. Social Work

Ac.T. - Acupuncture Therapist

A.H.P. - Advanced Hellerwork Practitioner

A.P. - Acupuncture Physician

APP - Associate Polarity Practitioner (through American Polarity Therapy Association)

ATT - Alexander Technique Teacher

A.T.C. - Cert. Athletic Trainer

B.C.D. - Board Cert. Diplomate

B.S. - Bachelor of Science

Resources and links to Natural health and Alternative Medicine Associations


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General Associations

Academy for Guided Imagery, PO Box 2070, Mill Valley, CA 94942 (800) 726-2070 or (415) 389-9324. Offers free catalog and directory of practitioners.

American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, 1341 W. Fullerton, Ste. 111, Chicago, IL 60614; fax (773) 528-5390. For help locating a practitioner qualified for hormone therapy.

American Academy of Environmental Medicine (215) 862-4544, fax (215) 862-4583.