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Prohibition is dead: 54 percent of Georgians want marijuana fully legalized

The somewhat surprising results of a new survey recently conducted by Public Policy Polling, one of the nation's premier research groups, have once again realigned the national conversation on marijuana reform, especially in the South. A whopping 54 percent of Georgia voters, it turns out, are now in support of full cannabis legalization, while an overwhelming 62 percent agree that, at the very least, the plant needs to be decriminalized.

Big Pharma's Latest Insanity? A "PolyPill" Combining Five Different Drugs Into One Pill

Tuesday, March 31, 2009 by: Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) What do you get when you combine cholesterol medication, three different blood pressure drugs and aspirin into a single pharmaceutical pill? If you believe the drug company that funded its own study on this chemical cocktail, you get a wonder drug that has all the "benefits" of five different drugs with no more side effects than a single drug!


Natural 'Fat Burner' Found in Mouse Study

Thu Aug 1, 2002

By Merritt McKinney

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Many scientists have suspected the body tries to prevent weight gain by heating up the calorie-burning furnace when we eat too much, but proving this hunch has been difficult. Now, a new study in mice provides the first proof that this weight-control mechanism, known as diet-induced thermogenesis, does exist.

The research does not prove that the same phenomenon exists in people.



Fast Facts and Trivia

  1. Okefenokee Swamp encompasses over 400,000 acres of canals; moss draped cypress trees, and lily pad prairies providing sanctuaries for hundreds of species of birds and wildlife including several endangered species.
  2. Cumberland Island National Seashore contains the ruins of Dungeness, the once magnificent Carnegie estate. In addition, wild horses graze among wind swept dunes.