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Women active a few times weekly have lower risk of heart disease, stroke and blood clots

Medical press, February 16, 2015
Middle-aged women who are physically active a few times per week have lower risks of heart disease, stroke and blood clots than inactive women, according to research in the American Heart Association journal Circulation.

Want to grow a garden with immediate results? Try these five fast-growing superfoods

David Gutierrez, January 31, 2016
Gardening is a great and cost-effective way to increase your intake of healthy plant foods, as well as increasing your family's self-sufficiency.

Create a Bee Friendly Garden and Help Save the Bees: Our Survival Depends On It

Ariana Marisol, December 18, 2015
The tireless work of bees is one of the main reasons for the possibility of human development on earth. Without them, our planet would be a lot different and the conditions for human development may not have existed.

Learn how to grow and cook cassava, a nutritious, drought-resistant survival food

By Barker: (NaturalNews) If you're serious about disaster prepping and have the space to do so, you should definitely consider planting a survival garden. Choosing what to plant is key -- especially if you have limited space -- so you'll want easy-to-grow crops that have a lot of nutritional value and require little maintenance.

Include these companion plants in your garden to help grow tomatoes

By Watson: (NaturalNews) With spring in full swing, gardeners across North America have been busily tending to their gardens to prepare for another year of successful food production. Whether you are a seasoned gardener or just planting for the first time, there are always some tricks that can help make your garden the best ever.

Time your gardening with lunar phases to increase your food production

By Goodrich: (NaturalNews) For ages, farmers worldwide have looked to the night sky to determine the right time to fertilize, sow, prune, weed or harvest. Some skeptics say planting by the cycles of the moon is just an old folklore, others swear by it.

The renewed attention for lunar gardening may be a reaction against the growing industrialization which drives huge numbers of people looking for methods to reconnect with the rhythm of our planet.

marigolds, gardening, mosquitoes

By Edwards: (NaturalNews) Marigolds are beautiful, strong smelling herbaceous flowers that are widely grown throughout the world. They are very easy to take care of and rarely have problems with pests. They have only a few natural enemies; of these, the most common are frost, slugs, and snails.

Fragrant Blooms All Season Long