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FTC complaint may influence other POM Wonderful legal actions

Pomegranate leader POM Wonderful and Pepsi-owned Tropicana – locked in a legal battle over juice claims – have been asked to submit comments about the complaint lodged against POM by the Federal Trade Commission last month.

POM Wonderful under attack by FTC over truthful health claims

The FTC has never met a natural product it didn't want to destroy, it seems. They've gone after all sorts of natural foods like cherries, threatening to put companies out of business if they told the truth about the nutritional benefits of their products.

POM Lawsuit Raises Questions about FTC Standards

POM Wonderful LLC filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia against FTC alleging the agency’s requirements of FDA preapproval for "disease" and "health claims," regardless of the existence of substantiation and a requirement of two clinical trials to support structure/function claims, violates the First Amendment.