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Censorship is how those in charge control public discourse – and we allow it by not educating ourselves about the facts

Censorship is very much in the news, with the latest example being the effort by the progressive movement to silence pro-Trump Fox News host Laura Ingraham after a petty social media dustup with a Parkland high school student who champions gun control.

Trump May Skip Fox Debate for Own Town Hall

GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump might skip Thursday's debate on Fox News Channel and hold his own televised town hall at the same time if the network doesn't drop Megyn Kelly from its team of moderators, his campaign manager tells New York magazine's Gabriel Sherman.

Trump has been calling on Fox News to drop Kelly, who is scheduled to moderate with two other Fox anchors, Chris Wallace and Bret Baier. The trio moderated the first GOP debate of the season, in which Kelly and Trump sparred over a question about his treatment of women.

Fox News Takes on the No Billionaires Campaign

ox so-called News, the network owned by billionaire Rupert Murdoch. Last week, Murdoch employee Greta Van Susteren and the Weekly Standard’s Steve Hayes (a magazine that got its start thanks to a generous grant from billionaire Rupert Murdoch) feigned outrage over the campaign, devoting six minutes of television to trashing the idea.