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Are Soy Formulas Affecting Hormones in Infants?

Adorable baby boy playing on a blue floor mat and drinking milk from a bottle in a white sunny nursery with rocking chair and bassinet. Bedroom interior with infant crib. Formula drink for infant.

by Paul Fassa

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According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), 25 percent of commercial infant formulas are soy based.

Don't choose convenience over health (avoid infant formulas)

Do you know what is in your baby's formula? Billed as the best alternative to breast milk, parents around the world have been feeding their infants commercially produced baby formula for decades. While it may be convenient for many parents, you are not doing your baby any favors. Many people assume that the Food and Drug Administration is watching out for your best interests and would never approve products that could be dangerous. But that would mean they are actually doing their job. That could be a very dangerous assumption to make.