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Sweet and versatile, carrots offer an impressive array of vitamins and minerals

Carrots are among the most recognizable vegetables in the modern world.

Childhood vision problems negatively alter brain function, new study finds

Amblyopia – known as lazy eye – is the leading vision disorder in childhood, affecting as many as 3 out of 100 kids. And, if left untreated, it can persist into adulthood.

A group of perfectly ordinary garden vegetables hold the key to preventing blindness

For many people, losing your eyesight is one of the strongest signs that you’re getting older.

Mobile devices are on track to destroy the eyesight of an entire generation, scientists warn

Most parents insist that their children wear sunglasses for a day at the beach, but they give little thought to allowing kids to damage their eyes using electronic devices.

This Tell-tale Sign On Your Face Can Predict Heart Disease Risk, In An Instant!

You probably don’t know because the doctors don’t talk about it, but there is one little mark on your face that can actually predict heart disease. It’s called xanthelasma and after 40 years of age, both men and women can develop this problem.

WATCH: Israeli Startup Gives ‘Locked-In’ Patients Ability to Communicate

EyeControl is an inexpensive, mobile and screen-free communication device that allows “locked-in” patients to communicate at anytime, anywhere. Patients with ALS and other diseases are “locked-in” their own bodies. Although they may have significant cognitive capabilities, they cannot speak or use their limbs.