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Fish Off Japan’s Coast Said to Contain Elevated Levels of Cesium

Elevated levels of cesium still detected in fish off the Fukushima coast of Japan suggest that radioactive particles from last year’s nuclear disaster have accumulated on the seafloor and could contaminate sea life for decades, according to new research.

Are Years of Built-Up Toxins Wreaking Havoc On Your Health?

Did you know that one of the primary causes of disease is the slow accumulation of toxic compounds in the body, coupled with nutrient deficiencies at the cellular level?

Fla. senator: Scott budget veto ‘allows poor black farmworkers to die’

State Sen. Gary Siplin, D-Orlando, says he is “shocked and surprised” that Gov. Rick Scott cut funding for a community health center in Apopka that would have gone toward providing specialized care to a community of farmworkers facing serious illnesses due to pesticide use.

Hong Kong’s Killer Pollution - China Real Time Report - WSJ

With its iconic skyline, world-class infrastructure and China’s giant economy at its doorstep, Hong Kong has long been an attractive choice to those looking for a perch in Asia. But there’s a not-so-hidden catch: Its toxic air pollution is killing people at a rate worse than in mainland China.

Depleted Uranium Is Used in Golf Clubs—and It’s Legal!

As governments dither on about where to store radioactive depleted uranium, they quietly allow it to permeate products that people come into contact with daily. Even popular brightly colored crockery dinnerware has been contaminated, and some of the most prized golf clubs currently use it.