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Bloody Gunquack Meltdowns on Twitter Show Motive about Agenda

“A doctor has shared a gruesome photo of her scrubs covered in blood to hit back at the National Rifle Association's claim that doctors should ‘stay in their lane',” the UK’s Daily Mail happily publicizes.


You can’t argue or even discuss health and medical topics with Americans who believe every word that comes out of a medical doctor’s mouth as the holy grail of advice. And then there was Dr. Farid Fata, the Detroit area oncologist, who was sentenced to 45 years in prison for administering chemotherapy on healthy patients, some of whom died.

Doctors are trained to mass diagnose nearly everyone with depression (and put them on psychiatric drugs)

Health professionals will be the first to say that depression is a serious mental illness that must not be taken lightly

Doctors criticized for 'over-prescribing' harmful drugs for patients who can heal with healthy diet and exercise

By Devon: (NaturalNews) Pharmaceutical companies spend big money on advertisements to constantly brainwash people to "ask their doctor" how a pill is right for them. Even after listing several terrible side effects, these commercials are still convincing, planting a dangerous seed in the minds of onlookers. In this mental programming, people stop learning how to take care of their own health and instead start depending on the prescription drug model of disease fabrication and side effect perpetuation.

Total abandonment of medical ethics: Vaccine-pushing doctors announce they will refuse to treat anti-vaccine parents

By Benson: (NaturalNews) Parents who exercise their God-given right not to vaccinate their children face a growing onslaught of threats from some in the medical community who, apparently rejecting the oath they swore to "do no harm," are now violently refusing to treat anti-vaccine parents unless they conform to the vaccine agenda.

Top-earning doctors milk their patients for every dollar possible, research shows Learn more:

By Lilley: (NaturalNews) After examining what Medicare was billed versus what it paid to clinicians, researchers from the UCLA Department of Urology and the Veterans' Health Administration discovered what has been described as "very surprising." Based on their findings, it would appear that they've stumbled upon the reason why some high-earning physicians are making top dollar: Quite simply, it is because they're pushing more services per patient than they are actually treating them or seeing new patients.(1)

Top Ebola doctor dies of same Ebola that CDC insists is 'hard to catch'

By Huff:(NaturalNews) One of Sierra Leone's few remaining top health specialists has died after contracting the Ebola virus. Reports indicate that the experimental Ebola drug ZMab had been en route from Belgium to treat the man, known as Dr. Victor Willoughby, but it was already too late, as he had succumbed to the later stages of the deadly illness.