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What Do You Know About Diabetes?

Should New York City be allowed to ban large soft drinks? Michael Bloomberg, New York’s mayor, and the New York City Department of Health think it’s an important step in fighting the diabetes epidemic. Many people disagree. But do most folks (and do you?) really understand the seriousness of the diabetes conundrum? Take this quiz for more insight.

The Link Between BBQ And Diabetes

The summer season is a great time of year to enhance your health. With an abundance of fresh produce, more opportunities for outdoor exercise, summer vacations and more — there’s a lot we can do to increase our vitality. But there’s a big summer health risk that many of us aren’t aware of; and research shows it contributes to type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome and weight gain. Furthermore, this all American pastime significantly speeds up the aging process and increases risks of cancer and other chronic diseases. The culprit? Barbecued food — especially meat.

The growing threat of conventional diabetes treatments

As many as 25.8 million people in the United States have diabetes, according to a 2011 report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). This includes both the diagnosed and undiagnosed cases. Blood sugar imbalances create stress on the heart, kidneys and emotional well-being – to name just a few of the health problems. If you have diabetes – please keep reading.

Study - Probiotics reduce obesity and diabetes

Probiotics have been covered in the alternative health media, especially Natural News, extensively over the past few years. Yet the mainstream media hardly touches it. And when's the last time your doctor recommended taking probiotics, even after prescribing antibiotics?

Diabetes Myths

Type 2 diabetes myths are a nice way to say lies and misconceptions, which are either medical deception or stupidity. As, I see it this is probably a little of each. With an estimated 366 million of people worldwide who have this condition you would think there would be a better understanding of what causes it. The pharmaceutical companies have tried different medications to halt the disease. Notice how well that is working. Diabetes Epidemic The International Diabetes Federation described the number of cases as “staggering,” every seven seconds one person succumbs to this condition.